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The European Defense Industrial Development Program (EDIDP) of the European Commission includes a consortium with several large defense, communication and cybersecurity companies as well as medium-sized companies from the high-tech sector with the development of an integrated, modular, unmanned ground system (iMUGS) ) has been commissioned. With a total cost of 32.6 million euros, the order will receive 30.6 million euros from the EDIDP.

The project is managed by Estonia. The technical requirements were coordinated with Finland, Latvia, Germany, Belgium, France and Spain. The federal states plan to finance the remaining two million euros of the project budget.

Under the leadership of Milrem Robotics, a modular and scalable architecture for hybrid manned and unmanned systems is being developed. The architecture should become the basis for standardizing a Europe-wide ecosystem for air and ground platforms, command, control and communication equipment, sensors, payloads and algorithms. The prototype system will use an existing unmanned ground vehicle - Themis from Milrem Robotics - and a specific list of payloads.

The result of the project will be demonstrated as part of military exercises by the participating member states or on separate test sites under operational conditions and relevant climatic conditions.

During the project phase, operational know-how is collected and concepts for the combined use of manned and unmanned means are developed, taking into account the ethical aspects applicable to robotics, artificial intelligence and autonomous systems. State-of-the-art virtual and constructive simulation environments are also set up.

iMUGS will be a cooperation between 14 parties: project coordinator Milrem Robotics (Estonia), GT Cyber ​​Technologies (Estonia), Safran Electronics & Defense (France), Nexter Systems (France), Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (Germany), Diehl Defense (Germany) , Bittium Wireless (Finland), Insta DefSec (Finland), (Un) Manned (Belgium), dotOcean (Belgium), Latvijas Mobilais Telefons (Latvia), GMV Aerospace and Defense (Spain), the Estonian Military Academy and the Royal Military Academy of Belgium .

Gerhard Heiming