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A lightweight torpedo has been developed in Sweden, which can be fired from both a surface ship and a submarine. During tests off the east coast of Sweden, the new torpedo was used by a Gotland-class submarine and a Visby-class corvette. The purpose of the tests was to check whether the torpedo could be fired safely from the ships, which also included checking the integration on the ships and the target seeker of the torpedoes.

In 2016, the Swedish procurement authority FMV awarded the development contract to Saab. In 2018 Finland included the project in the mid-life upgrade program for Squadron 2000. The Finnish Navy will use the system on board the upgraded Hamina-class ships and the new Pohjanmaa-class corvettes as part of the 2020 Squadron program.

The Saab Lightweight Torpedo (SLWT) is adapted to the difficult coastal underwater conditions that can be found in the Baltic Sea and at the same time designed for use in deeper waters. The system has a fully digital target flight system that enables both fire-and-forget and wire-controlled target tracking operations. The flexible system can be launched from a variety of platforms, including surface vessels, helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft and submarines.

The SLWT is 2.85 m long with a diameter of 40 cm and weighs 340 kg. It can reach its destination at speeds between 19 and 74 km / h at distances of up to 20 km. The diving depth is up to 300 meters. For the Pumpjet drive, the torpedo draws its energy from a lithium battery. Communication takes place via wire or glass fiber.

Gerhard Heiming