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Yesterday, the Bundeswehr Procurement Agency, the BAAINBw, signed a framework agreement for 4,000 military trucks worth up to two billion euros. In a first installment, 540 swap body systems with a load capacity of 15 tons were ordered, 230 of them with protected cabins.

Deliveries are expected to begin in early 2021 to have enough vehicles available for the NATO spearhead VJTF (L) 2023. This is an important step towards the modernization and renewal of the Bundeswehr truck fleet, which Inspector General Eberhard Zorn proposed for the federal government's economic stimulus package. The new vehicles should be more environmentally friendly and more economical.

The robust and off-road HX 8 × 8 vehicles from Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV) can be equipped with a protected or unprotected cabin. The core equipment is the hook charger developed by Hiab, with which the associated interchangeable flatbeds can be quickly picked up and set down. These are interchangeable loader platforms that are identical to those of the Multi system already introduced. In addition, the vehicles can also accommodate an interchangeable platform or a container via the standardized 20-foot ISO interfaces.

In contrast to the Unprotected Transport Vehicles (UTF), which are also supplied by RMMV, they move more in the front areas of the operational areas, for example when replenishing ammunition for combat and combat support troops, which is why they must have a better level of protection.

Depending on the threat situation, the 3-man cabs can be set up in a protected or alternative way. In the protected variant, they offer occupants protection against explosive attacks, shelling with handguns and the effects of ABC weapons.

Dorothee Frank