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At the end of May, images of US soldiers appeared on the net, who installed the modern Smash 2000 target optics on M4A1 assault rifles in al-Ganf in Syria, thereby fighting against flight targets - cardboard boxes attached to small quadrocopter drones. It was probably one of the first trials of this system in the field. Fire control visors from the Smash family had previously been tested in the USA.

Drohnenabwehr: US-Streitkräfte erproben Feuerleitvisier
Photo by U.S. Army

Small and micro drones are now a major threat to the armed forces not only in the context of conventional warfare, but also in asymmetrical conflicts. They even use irregular forces to spy on or attack.

The Smash fire-control visor family from the Israeli company Smartshooter provides an opportunity to fight such small targets with small arms - and with as little ammunition as possible to avoid collateral damage. For this purpose, the Smartshooter Smash family uses technologies from fighter planes for small arms. The fire control visor was originally developed to ward off burning kites that terrorists use to set fields on fire in Israel. The Smartshooter Smash family can of course also be used for other scenarios and against other goals.

Smash can be used to fight both static and moving targets at over 300 meters. The marksman observes the battlefield through the sight, whereby the device already supports the reconnaissance and identifies potential targets. The shooter can mark detected targets by pressing a switch (lock-on mode). The Smash fire control system keeps the marked target programmed and calculates both its movements and that of the weapon. The shooter can then pull the trigger and bring the reticle to the target. The system only fires the shot as soon as the probability is high that the marked target will be hit.

Drohnenabwehr: US-Streitkräfte erproben Feuerleitvisier

Smartshooter has teamed up with SIG Sauer for sales, but is also represented by an agency in Germany.

Jan-Phillipp Weisswange