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One year after "Baden-Württemberg", the German Navy put the second class F125 frigate into service on June 10th. Like its sister ship, the "North Rhine-Westphalia" (F 223) will be part of Operation Flotilla 2 at the Wilhelmshaven naval base. “We are delighted to have the second F125 unit commissioned. It is an important milestone towards full operational readiness, because we now have two platforms that give us the opportunity to carry out operational training on our own responsibility and thus make the weapon system fully available to the navy, ”said Flotilla Admiral Ralf Kuchler, Commander of the operational flotilla 2nd

Due to the current situation around Covid-19, the commissioning is being carried out in a small circle. The invited guests include the Prime Minister of the ship's sponsor country, Armin Laschet, the Parliamentary State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Defense Dr. Peter Tauber and the members of the Bundestag Siemtje Möller and Ingo Gädechens.

Hans Uwe Mergener


Demolition of the Baden-Württemberg class (F 125)



  • F 222 - "Baden-Württemberg"
  • F 223 "North Rhine-Westphalia"
  • F 224 "Saxony-indication"
  • F 225 "Rheinland-Pfalz"
Length: 149.6 m
Width: 18.8 m
Draft: 5,4 m
maximum speed: > 26 kn
Drive: CODLAG (Combined Diesel-eLectric And Gas Turbine)
Displacement: about 7100 t
Crew: max. 190 Personen

(thereof up to 120 people regular crew)

  • 4-surfaces C-Band Radar (3-D)
  • Friend / foe identification (IFF)
  • Electronic support measures
  • Electronic target recognition
  • Automated 360-degree infrared monitoring
  • Diver detection sonar
  • 1 x 127mm naval gun
  • 2 x 27mm Light Naval Gun
  • 5 x 12.7mm machine gun, automated
  • 2 x quadruple launchers for HARPOON sea target missiles
  • 2 x next-range air defense system RAM
  • 4 x decoy
  • hand weapons
  • Four Service Boats BUSTER
  • Two shipboard helicopters
  • two container slots