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Even after Brexit, economic cooperation between Germany and Great Britain continues to be good. This enabled MTU to win a large order in the UK. The Department of Defense in London has now ordered MTU propulsion systems from Rolls-Royce for the five new Type 31 multi-purpose frigates of the British Royal Navy. Rolls-Royce supplies a total of 40 MTU main drive engines and on-board power units, the MTU Callosum drive control and monitoring system and the associated integrated logistic support (ILS).

Each frigate receives four 20V 8000 M71 motors, each with an output of 8,200 kilowatts. Four gensets based on 16V 2000 M41B engines with an output of over 930 kilowatts will generate the on-board power. These are MTU systems.

Rolls-Royce will deliver the first set of ships, each with four propulsion engines and gensets, to the general contractor Babcock International Group in September 2021. The integrated logistical support of the drive and on-board power systems enables their efficient and economical maintenance over the entire life cycle of the systems. The MTU Callosum drive control and monitoring system is expected to be officially added to the supply contract shortly.

The Royal Navy relies on Rolls-Royce propulsion solutions both in its surface water bodies and in its submarine fleet. MTU Series 2000, 4000 and 8000 engines will be used in most Royal Navy combat ships in the future - in destroyers (Type 45) as well as in all frigate classes (Types 23, 26, 31) and submarines (Astute -Great).

MTU 20V 8000 M71 engine (Photo: MTU)

The 20-cylinder MTU 20V 8000 M71 engines weigh 47.7 tons each, including operating fluids, and are 6.45 m long, 2.04 m wide and 3.38 m high. Each cylinder has a displacement of 17.4 liters (a total of 347.4 liters) delivers an output of 410 kW. The exhaust emissions are certified according to IMO II / EPA 2 (International Maritime Organization (Marpol)) / (Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - US Marine Directive 40 CFR 94) with limit values ​​for NOx, particles and carbon monoxide.

The 16-cylinder MTU 16V 2000 M41B engines weigh 3.2 tons each dry and are 2.53 m long, 1.43 m wide and 1.29 m high. Each cylinder has a stroke volume of 1.99 liters (total 31.8 liters) delivers an output of 58 kW. The exhaust emissions are certified according to IMO II.

Gerhard Heiming