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The official measures to contain the effects of infections with the corona virus have slowed the economic processes worldwide up to - at least temporarily - partial production losses. When the economy starts up again, political and economic influences will lead to changed structures. After long years of the “black zero”, numerous new high-priority requirements have to be financed from public budgets.

From mid-March 2020, contact bans and distance bans as well as operating bans were increasingly issued, as a result of which companies of all sizes and industries interrupted their production for several weeks. Business activities in government agencies and service companies declined sharply, among other things due to quarantine measures and a surprising move of work to the home office.

The Corona crisis can have an impact on the operation and procurement of the Bundeswehr in three areas: financing, processing of projects, and the production and delivery of equipment / systems.


The lockdown with operating and contact bans, which was enacted in March and is still ongoing, led directly to loss of revenue in public budgets, particularly with regard to sales-related taxes, income and trade taxes. At the same time, spending on statutory social spending has risen sharply. Emergency aid for businesses and measures to boost the economy have created a significant amount of new financial needs.

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