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The U.S. Army aims to increase the effectiveness of the rapid, precise indirect and direct fire of the combat forces in the Tank and Stryker Brigades. At the same time, the operating crews are to be better protected and their physical stress reduced.

One aspect is the equipment with modern 120 mm mortars. To this end, the U.S. Army has signed a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with Patria to determine the feasibility of installing a turret-like, sealed 120 mm mortar weapon system in US mortar carriers. The work will assess the capabilities of the Patria Nemo mortar system against the military requirements of the U.S. Army. Furthermore, the compatibility with the weapon platforms and fire control systems of US mortar carriers will be tested. Last but not least, it will be assessed whether the fielded American 120 mm mortar ammunition can be used with the Nemo mortar (with breech).

The Nemo turret can be integrated into different sea and land based platforms. (Video: Patria)

Patria Nemo is a remote-controlled 120-mm mortar system with turret, which can fire both directly and indirectly and can employ up to 6 grenades with multiple rounds of simultaneous impact (MRSI). Patria Nemo is not only highly protected, but also lightweight, compact and easy to install on light tracked undercarriages, wheeled armoured vehicles or naval vessels.

Gerhard Heiming