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After it was announced that the shipyard landscape in Germany would be redesigned, reports were circulating that the order for the multi-purpose combat ship 180 (MKS 180) had now been placed. At least that's premature. How ES & T reported, German Naval Yards has withdrawn the request to review the award of the contract to the Dutch consortium with the federal procurement chamber. This only clears the way for the Ministry of Defense to initiate the parliamentary procurement process.

The so-called 25 million euro bill will be forwarded to the budget committee of the German Bundestag via the Federal Ministry of Finance after approval by the head of the Federal Ministry of Defense. This includes the draft contract that has been created and negotiated after contract management. A contract can only be signed after the approval of the Committee on Budgets.

It can be assumed that, now that the request for review has been withdrawn, this procedure has started, but nothing more. To speak of an approval now is premature.

Hans Uwe Mergener