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The US Army has received 656 Enhanced Night Vision Goggle - Binocular (ENVG-B) systems. The first unit of the US Army is now fully equipped with modern night vision technology. With these systems, the soldiers should be able to localize and combat threats even faster, to have access to general images of the operational environment, which in turn leads to increased situational awareness.

The new ENVG-B glasses are a further development of the “Fusion-Goggle-Enhanced” (FGE) glasses. In 2019, this was only procured for the German special forces through the IEA Mil-Optics GmbH. The FGE glasses are a binocular system that allows three-dimensional vision and thereby combines the advantages of low light intensifier and thermal imaging technology. The user can thus detect and at the same time identify what goes far beyond the possibilities of conventional night vision goggles and a thermal imaging device.

The ENVG-B is a wireless, binocular night vision goggle with an integrated thermal imaging device and combines two powerful third-generation 18 mm night vision tubes (white phosphorus) from L3Harris with a separate thermal imaging channel for image fusion and thermal targeting. The binocular design of the ENVG-B gives soldiers more depth perception and the thermal imaging sensor enables enemy heat signatures to be seen on the battlefield at night and in daylight through smoke, fog and other darkness. The system can be combined wirelessly with thermal imaging target devices mounted on handguns and the target image generated there can be transferred directly to the eyepiece display of the ENVG-B - thus into the field of vision of the user.

The equipment of the first US Army unit is part of an extensive contract of around $ 391 million. The U.S. Army ordered more than 10,000 ENVG-B units in 2018, of which the first 52 systems were delivered in autumn 2019. The US Army plans to procure a total of 108,251 systems and thus to equip both the entire infantry as well as "close combat units" that are not further specified.

Neue Nachtsichttechnik der U.S. Army

“The success of the ENVG-B program is based on our ongoing collaboration with the US Army and our ability to rapidly develop, test, and deploy next-generation capabilities that enable our soldiers to deal with threats locally and in all climates combat, ”said Lynn Bollengier, President of Integrated Vision Solutions at L3Harris. "The transmission of images and data from the battlefield right in front of the soldier's eye is a technology that will change everything, and L3Harris is proud to provide the army with the first glasses of this kind."

André Forkert