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The company Héroux-Devtek Spain has developed for the military long-range turboprop A400M transport aircraft from Airbus Defense and Space an autonomous motorized mobile crane equipment (Crane Mobile Equipment, CME). After successful qualification series production is now underway and the CME is installed in the final assembly line in Seville in the A400M.

The CME is designed with its on-track system for independent loading and unloading of the A400M. Weights up to five tons can be lifted and transported from the cargo space on the apron (or vice versa). we controlled the CME with its remote controller which is connected to the interface of a panel in the rear cargo compartment of the aircraft.

The CME installed (Photo: Héroux-Devtek) on the ceiling of the A400M

The total lifetime is specified with about 10,000 winding and elongation cycles with a stroke of two meters. The application range covers temperatures from between -40 and 70 ° C. The wide range of operating speeds ensures service cycles of less than 30 minutes.

Trolley and winds in the test room (Photo: Héroux-Devtek)

A separate power supply unit adjusts the supplied by the aircraft engine electrical power to the electronic control unit of the CME and its sensors. During operation of the crane is secured with a double locking device to the rail and its movement prevented during the maneuvers or any emergency scenarios. In case of power failure two mechanical emergency cylinder ensure the completion of charging. Overview of charging the load receives master of an LCD display that displays including the weight of the load and the accumulated cycles.

Héroux-Devtek Spain has the first seven units already sent to the final assembly line of the A400M in Seville. A total of 121 aircraft will be equipped with the CME. A total of 174 A400M have been ordered, of which about 90 machines have been delivered. therefore must be a part of the delivered machines retrofitted.

Gerhard Heiming