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A Ukrainian plane flies masks from China to Germany. As part of the "Corona Assistance", the Bundeswehr uses existing air transport capacities as part of the Salis contract (Strategic Airlift International Solution). The Ukrainian airline flies more than 25 million protective masks in three flights on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Defense and to support the Federal Ministry of Health from China to Germany. The huge volume of the cargo ordered makes it necessary to use Antonow wide-body cargo aircraft. With its six engines, the An-225 is the largest cargo aircraft in the world.

Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer personally welcomed the second transport with more than ten million protective masks in an Antonov An-225 in Leipzig this morning. Around 15 soldiers from logistics battalion 171 from Burg support the unloading of the cargo. As part of the "Corona Aid" by the German Armed Forces, soldiers are also available, for example, for transport and such logistical tasks.

The "Strategic Airlift International Solution" contract has provided the Bundeswehr with access to air transport capacities for oversized and heavy cargo with particular urgency since 2006. Large-capacity cargo aircraft of the two types Antonow An-124 and An-225 are available. This agreement received special attention at the time when soldiers and equipment were being moved to and from Afghanistan. The contract holder is the NATO Support & Procurement Agency. The flights are operated exclusively with the Ukrainian Antonow Logistic Sailis GmbH with the airline Antonow Airlines.

Other NATO partner nations to this treaty are Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Norway, Poland, Luxembourg, Greece, Great Britain, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Gerhard Heiming