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The Tactical Reconnaissance System (TASYS) of the Swiss Army will be equipped with a management system that will improve the skills for target acquisition, prioritization and data dissemination, and will enable the generation of a common situation picture. This is intended to facilitate quick decision-making and effective use. Elbit, which supplies the C-2 systems, has now announced the signing of a corresponding contract with the Swiss Federal Office for Defense Procurement armasuisse with a volume of 13.8 million euros.

TASYS is implemented on the basis of Eagle V 6 × 6, the delivery of which was ordered by armasuisse in December 2019. General Dynamics European Landsystems-Mowag (GDELS) delivers 100 Eagle V as a carrier platform for TASYS. The start of production is this year. From 2023 to the end of 2025, the introduction to the troop is planned.

Gerhard Heiming