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Hensoldt has introduced a new system to combat enemy fire control radars. “Kalætron Attack” is a modular, air-based, electronic combat system that, with its fully digital design, detects, identifies and neutralizes enemy fire control radars in a wide frequency range at different distances. The device uses artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to identify new threat patterns from a huge number of captured pulses. This is particularly important in order to identify the latest air defense radars that cover an extremely large frequency bandwidth or that jump back and forth between certain frequencies in fractions of a second.

Kalætron Attack can be flexibly adapted to changing threats with the help of a new antenna design with electronic beam swiveling (Active Electronic Scanning Array, AESA), fully digital signal processing and AI algorithms.

Kalætron Attack is the newest member of the Kalætron product family. “With the help of the latest sensor technology, our 'Kalætron Integral' detects radar-based threats at an early stage,” explains Celia Pelaz, Head of the Spectrum Dominance / Airborne Solutions division at Hensoldt. “With Kalætron Attack, there is now the active part of electronic interference - jamming - that either blinds or deceives these threats with precisely simulated interference signals. In this way, Kalætron Attack is expanding the range of possible uses for combat aircraft, which can also operate in sealed-off 'anti-access / ærea denial' zones. ”

Dorothee Frank