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The NATO Agency for Communication and Information (NCI Agency) has a software-based tool developed which is able to determine areas where signals from global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) can be disturbed so that operations are hindered. the development of this system from the NATO-work program was sponsored for navigation and identification under the name Radar electrical and communications coverage tool (REACT).

GNSS, such as the Global Positioning System (GPS) of the United States or the European Galileo to provide navigation services and time signals for NATO operations is crucial. Opponents are increasingly interfering in the situation these electronic signals so that the use of the services or can not be adequately possible.

With REACT NATO can assess the extent of an interfering signal and its potential impact on operations. Users enter information on each one jammer - their locations and technical characteristics - and the software creates a map of the area where the noise would affect the GNSS receiver. These can be displayed on the map of the geographic core information system (GIS) of NATO.

The tool is available to all NATO nations for free. For now, the software is used only for trial and testing purposes.

Beurteilung der Qualität von Navigationssignalen

In the next phase of the project is to ensure that the software on the classified NATO networks work. After that, they would be the operational commands are available to test those support measures and ensure that they can be integrated properly in NATO operations.

Gerhard Heiming