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After the competent parliamentary committees with the 25-million-template itself had dealt, the Federal Office for equipment, information technology and use of the Bundeswehr (BAAINBw) with Kärcher Futuretech has a framework agreement for the design, manufacture and delivery of up to 400 complete systems "mobile field kitchen" complete with a term of 16 years. With a volume of hundreds of millions, this is the largest single order received the Karcher Futuretech in its history.

In the first hard assignment for the supply of 85 mobile field kitchens agreed to the 2024th This first tranche has a contract value of 67.9 million euros.

Kärcher Futuretech supplies later this year the first mobile field kitchens for the integrated performance record, which the BAAINBw performs together with the manufacturer and the troops to be able to grant authorization for the use (genu). These include cold and heat testing, and technical, tactical and logistical checks. After obtaining the genu 2021 and 2022 40 mobile field kitchens to be delivered. That would be sufficient before the stand-by phase of VJTF (L) has taken over in 2023, for Germany the lead to make the operator of the new device and distribute the device in the troop. 2023 and 2024 followed by the remaining 40 mobile field kitchens in equal annual installments. The MoD wants to order six more mobile field kitchens for delivery until 2024 after changing the budget supporting documents.

The army wants to replace with the new mobile field kitchen introduced from the 1990 field kitchen TFK 250th Objectives are to improve mobility, the choice of advanced food regulations and the suitability for operation in different climatic zones of the world.

This, among others derive: Integrated water supply, devices for personal hygiene, sewage treatment and waste collection, comprehensive facilities for catering preparation, storage and refrigeration of food and the protection of the entire system from the environment.

With the overall system mobile field kitchen storage, preparation, formulation and delivery of food (including beverages) for up to 250 possible catering Participating is. The mobile field kitchen is used throughout the Bundeswehr for providing food to the forces deployed as part of the movable and stationary housing in use, thus making an important contribution to the sustainment of the armed forces.

For the production of mobile field kitchens Karcher Futuretech integrated subcontractors Hubstützensysteme, containers, generator sets and air conditioners.

The now-peel TFK 250 was also developed by Kärcher for the Bundeswehr. The then issued Supplies was based on orders of mobile supply systems of customers worldwide. As a result, Karcher Futuretech sold a total of approximately 4,060 field kitchens.

Gerhard Heiming