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The recipient of the 500th F-35 was the US Air Force, the largest buyer of this stealth multi-role combat aircraft. The number of deliveries is divided among the three variants as follows: 354 F-35A (CTOL, conventional takeoff and landing), 108 F-35B (STOVL, short takeoff and vertical landing with lift engine of Rolls Royce) and 38 F-35C, the version for use on aircraft carriers.

The impressive photo shows 52 F-35A, in a so-called "Elephant Walk" on January 6 on the Hill AFB as part of a Combat Power Exercise roll to start.

Besides the US, there are already twelve other users of the F-35, including eight NATO partners. Users are beyond Australia, Israel, Japan and South Korea. Belgium, Poland and Singapore are facing the procurement decision. Israel was the first user, who in 2016 fought with the F-35 in Syria using ground targets. Worldwide expects Lockheed Martin sales of more than 3,000 aircraft. - The F-35 is due to the JSF program (Joint Strike Fighter), which was started 1993rd When competitors are Boeing, Lockheed Martin involved. McDonnell Douglas and Northrop with appropriate studies. 1996 Boeing and Lockheed Martin won the contract, models - the X-32 and X-35 - to develop. In 2001, the decision was made for the X-35 from Lockheed Martin. On 15 December 2006, the first flight took place in 2011 began mass production.

Peter Preylowski