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IrvinGQ from the USA (formerly Airborne Systems) has developed an airborne platform for settling the unmanned ground vehicle (unmanned ground vehicles, UGV) Themis of Milrem Robotics.

A UGV also allows operations in areas of high threat, without exposing soldiers a direct danger. But the unmanned ground vehicles are not only safer, but also more effective and be more efficient than comparable manned systems. Thanks to the developed IrvinGQ load screen system UGVs can be spent quickly insert or forest fire areas. is used here airdrop the country ATAX system that IrvinGQ for the UGV Robotics Milrem THEMIS and the Mult Scope Rescue UGV has adapted.

ATAX is a modular Rapid-Rig / De-Rig screen system SoftLanding airbags in place of conventional energy dissipative materials (EDM) is used. The reusable airbags reduce the Ladevorbereitungs- and packing time by eliminating unnecessary rigging materials. In addition, the impact forces are significantly reduced, which act on the charge. This gives the vehicle a real drive-on drive-off capability. After landing the UGV is automatically released to drive into use without soldiers must lend a hand before. The manufacturer promises a truly full autonomous capability. In addition to the screen system (for example, G11, G12, and comparable SC15) is the overall system of a lightweight platform on which the vehicle is strapped down. The platform has the dimensions 2.74 x 2.46 m. You may like C-130 Hercules from aircraft C-17, Embraer KC390 or Airbus A400M be discontinued.

How the ATAX (Video: IrvinGQ)

"The airdrop platform will provide the opportunities UGVs as autonomous or remote-controlled Themis to bring used or through airborne operations together with the infantry behind enemy lines. Firefighters could with ATAX the Mult Scope Rescue systems discard to combat large-scale terrain or forest fires without endangering lives, "said Kuldar Väärsi, CEO of Milrem Robotics.

André Forkert