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The Navy 22 obtains rescue boats Gecko the manufacturer Zodiac Milpro in a first step. The powerful and flexible rescue boats are provided in the main task of rescuing people. They are also used for personal and / or equipment transport, or for boarding.

Depending on the role of the boats can be customized. If, for example, for a material handling needs more space on board, six of the eight seats to be removed or installed flexible due to a rail system. A further twelve Geckos for the Corvette 130 K are also under contract.

Thanks to a rail system, the seats can be switched on as required and be expanded or positioned in the boats. (Photo: Bundeswehr)

Users of the boats are the seagoing units and the training organization. The provision of uniform boats for all users reduces the current product range considerably and save future costs in the procurement, supply and logistics. The unification has two other advantages: firstly need to be held fewer trials and tests of different systems or new boats in the future. Secondly, the training required reduced because the staff finds the same life-saving equipment on different units of the Navy and can serve.

The training on the new boats has already begun and is concerned in addition to the function and operation of the boat, including the care, maintenance and repair, as well as the safe driving.

Parallel to the new boats and their launching appliance (ASV) has been redesigned on the tenders of class 404 in a stand-alone project.

The new dispenser was developed in a separate project and will be installed gradually all tenders Class 404th (Photo: Bundeswehr)

The new ASV is first installed on the tender same, which is to leave the yard in the spring. The other five Tender 404 are provided in the next dry docking with it. To benefit also from the advantages of reducing the variety of products, this plant is 130 2. Los come on the Corvettes used. One-point, swell compensators and a low-sway load suspension will bring advantages especially for the rescue.

Specifications Gecko
Length Width 7.50 m / 2.77 m
maximum Aussetzgewicht 3.8 t
drive Steyr 215 kW diesel engine (type: SE306J38), Hamilton jet propulsion
Speed to 36 knots (67 km / h)
maximum payload 1300 kg
seating 8 shock damped, for passenger transport; 4 further on the Schlauchfender
Leadership / education 4G radar, plotter, intercom speakerphone and headset, electronic chart