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According to a statement by the State Secretary of the British Ministry of Defense, Sir Stephen Lovegrove, to the Chairman of the Committee on Public Accounts (in the House of Commons) of 20 January, to the first Type 31 frigate of the Royal Navy until May 1, 2027 in service can be provided. Thus, planned three years later than originally.

Given the high cost of the Strategic Defense and Security Review saw 2015 (SDSR 15) a reduction in the procurement of the Type 26 frigates, which is intended to reflect the three-dimensional naval warfare, from thirteen to eight before. At the same time the procurement of lighter multi-purpose frigates (the lower and medium threat spectrum covering) should be elicited through a trial. This led 31 frigates in the procurement of five Type.

The contract (with the last three applicants was also TKMS / Atlas Elektronik) received a run of Babcock International Consortium (ESuT reported) That for the five Type 31 frigates with an order volume of EUR 1.25 billion GBP (signed in November 2019 the contract 1.5 billion euros). The total cost is estimated (nearly 2.4 billion euros) in British media with 2 billion GBP, since services are to be included the Ministry of Defense, especially the cost of integrated logistic support, training, Materials provided by the Royal Navy (including the talk of the air defense system Sea Captor's speech, which would mean the cannibalization still in service standing units (frigate Type 23)) and testing services. The agreed time frame provides the first steel section 2021 and the first ship in the water in 2023rd Delivery of the five frigates from 2024 to 2028.

Experts observe the development of the effect with worry as ready for use in connection with other modernization programs and in the light of from 2023 provided for decommissioning rate of Type 23 frigates (one ship per year) according to the current state from 2023 to 2028, the number of available / escorts the magic 19 will be reached - as it was postulated in the SDSR 15th

Babcock and BMT developed the project, Arrowhead 140 'for the Type 31 frigate of the Royal Navy on the basis of the Danish Iver Huitfeldt class. Thales provides the command and weapon control system. It is hoped that export opportunities (Indonesia, Ireland, New Zealand, Poland advertised; hopes also lie in the FFG (X) program of the US Navy).

In Rosyth Babcock invested in the expansion of production facilities GBP 50 million (EUR 60 million) (which should be included in the budget of frigates Type 31).

Annotation. There is a discrepancy in the approach of the delay. In many places, the delay of four years is estimated. Based on the agreement, in 2023 the first ship in the water 'results taking into account that, in the water' does not automatically mean acceptance by the Navy and taking into account a period of about 12 months for testing and approval, a delay of three years. However, the British National Shipbuilding Strategy saw: The Future of Naval Shipbuilding in the UK 'from the year 2017 before: first ship into service in 2023 - the rest would follow in 12-month intervals. What explains four years - if you will expect that. At that time the government saw no quantity limitation.