On the sack of rice is Strategy Paper

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Today, the federal government issued the "Strategy Paper of the Federal Government to strengthen the security and defense industry"Which is characterized on the one hand by its brevity and the other by his shallow content. Nine sides of the sheet of the security importance of the key technologies up is tensioned on export control. The following sentence of the paper describes the very aptly for this to be gained knowledge level here: "The Prospects and acceptance of security and defense industry depend largely on the socio-political discussion of the importance of this sector for the national and European interior, foreign, security and defense policy and for overall societal resilience to hybrid threats from. "

The long-awaited definition German key technologies must make do with a graphic. The explanation and specification of technologies listed here does not take place. As a national key technologies are called "electronic warfare, Protected / Armored vehicles, artificial intelligence, naval vessels (over / under water platforms), protection, sensor technology, safety-related IT and communication technology, Network Centric Warfare / crypto." As the terms "protection" and " sensors "show hardly possible to speak of a sophisticated definition.

"To maintain and strengthen the security and defense industrial key technologies, the German government is this especially in the below mentioned measures in the areas of research, development and innovation (V.1.), Production (V.2.), Procurement (V .3.), export support and control (V.4.) and investment control (V.5.) particularly promote and protect, "said the strategy paper.

The long-awaited definition German key technologies must make do with a graphic. The explanation and specification of technologies listed here does not take place. (Graphic: Federal Government)

That these national key technologies not really need to be national, the paper mentioned a few paragraphs: "The Federal Government will therefore work through various measures on increased industrial consolidation within Europe and support required processes within their means, so as to promote economic synergies and to strengthen coherence. European cooperation and stronger European entanglement of German security and defense industry may be important steps while "This is also reflected in the promotion of research to bear:". The federal government is also its efforts to promote innovative security and defense-related technologies at national and European increase level. "

So really military research should not be also. The strategy paper called explicitly the framework program "Research for Civil Security 2018 -2023", with the federal government's current and future responsibilities spot, to improve the security and order in a connected world. "There are to - solely on the basis of civilian scenarios - explores innovative solutions and practical implementation that increase the safety and quality of life of citizens and ensure the protection of vital infrastructures," says the policy paper that is actually the name of the security and defense industry to strengthen.

Ein Lichtblick des Papiers sind allerdings die Ausführungen zur Vergabe öffentlicher Aufträge. „Die vom europäischen und nationalen Gesetzgeber eingeräumten Spielräume in der Anwendung der Ausnahmevorschrift des Artikels 346 des Vertrags über die Arbeitsweise der Europäischen Union (AEUV) sollen genutzt werden, um die wesentlichen nationalen Sicherheitsinteressen, insbesondere den Erhalt nationaler Souveränität, zu wahren. Um dies im deutschen Vergaberecht zu konkretisieren, hat die Bundesregierung einen Gesetzentwurf eingebracht, der ‚sicherheits- und verteidigungsindustrielle Schlüsseltechnologien‘ als möglichen Fall der Betroffenheit wesentlicher Sicherheitsinteressen nach Artikel 346 AEUV im Gesetz gegen Wettbewerbsbeschränkungen ausdrücklich benennt“, so das Papier. „Als weitere Maßnahme zur Beschleunigung von Vergabeverfahren im Bereich Verteidigung und Sicherheit enthält der Entwurf eine Änderung von § 12 Vergabeverordnung für die Bereiche Verteidigung und Sicherheit (VSVgV). § 12 VSVgV gestattet in bestimmten Fällen ausnahmsweise die Vergabe von Aufträgen im Verhandlungsverfahren ohne Teilnahmewettbewerb. Durch die Ergänzung von Regelbeispielen soll die praktische Handhabung von § 12 VSVgV vereinfacht werden. Darüber hinaus wird die Bundesregierung im Rahmen der praktischen Beschaffung die rechtlichen Möglichkeiten, die das Vergaberecht bereits bietet, künftig verstärkt ausnutzen.“

A new multi-role combat ship would be so no longer advertised necessarily European, since the naval shipbuilding is a national key technology. The same applies management system (Network Centric Warfare), Tank (Armored vehicles) or the median protected field ambulance (Protected vehicles) for a new battle that would all be awarded purely national. At least if the statements of the strategy paper to be loaded.

Also new is the support of export described. "The Federal Government will therefore export activities based in Germany companies, especially in the EU, NATO and NATO-equivalent countries, after careful individual assessment on external support and other instruments," the strategy paper formulated. In other countries it is quite common that even military forces in uniform take over the presentation of weapons systems from potential customers. German arms companies were previously often happy if they were not hindered in their export efforts by the government, such as the refusal of an export permit for exhibits at trade shows.

are in fact a promotion of companies in the National Key Technologies - - to be implemented accordingly if and how the few concrete points remains to be seen. Or whether they perhaps still depend on the aforementioned social debate.

Dorothee Frank