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The US Army wants to increase two new task forces to Asia send to the preparedness against China. The units referred to as multi-domain Task Force should combine skills in information warfare, cyber warfare and electronic warfare. Furthermore, they are to be fitted for the control of land and sea targets with extensive precision missiles and hypersonic weapons. This gave US Defense Minister Ryan McCarthy on 10 January known. The units are to be installed over the next two years and deployed.

"The Army increased its presence and distribution in the Pacific because China will manifest itself there as a strategic threat," McCarthy said. He referred among other things to the island fortresses, China Southern and East China Sea set up in order to reach its own offensive forces while blocking these waters for increasing US Navy and other opponents. The new mobile units are to be used by various island locations to "holes in the Chinese defense to punch" so that US ships and aircraft can penetrate the cordon, the minister said.

U.S. Army – Neue Einsatzgruppen gegen China

Sidney Dean