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With the issued on 24 December 2019 "Inspection Report", the French defense procurement agency DGA has approved the 92nd armored 6 × 6 multi-purpose vehicle Griffon (Véhicule blind multi Rôles, VBMR). So has the EBMR Consortium (Engin blind multi Rôles) consisting of Nexter, Thales and Arquus that ship for 2019 agreed quota.

In July 2019 the first Griffon was handed over to the armed forces and presented at the parade on the national holiday of the public. The total requirement is 1,872 vehicles, of which the production is given of 936 vehicles by 2025 in order. The consortium is also responsible for maintenance and logistical support of the Griffon.

Ready for transport to the customer: Griffon in sand-colored paint (terre de la France), the future color of all combat vehicles to which the respective camouflage paint is applied. (Photo: Nexter)

Belgium has ordered 382 Griffon as part of a comprehensive defense cooperation, to be delivered in the period from 2025 to 2030.

Nexter represents the consortium was founded as a Groupement d'Entreprises current (GME) and is responsible for the development and production of the vehicle structure, including the armored tub, NBC defense and ballistic protection as well as the interior. The mechanically welded structure of the aluminum housing offers the best protection benefits thanks to high-precision machining and robot-based welding methods. In addition, Nexter is responsible for vehicle assembly and integration in the industrial area of ​​Roanne. All equipment and subsystems supplied by partners and contractors are integrated into this institution.

Griffon Test in difficult terrain (Photo: Arquus)

Arquus developed and manufactures the complete driveline of the Griffon, including all parts and organs to ensure the mobility of the vehicle. This powertrain defines the mobility standards of armored troop transport vehicles new and gives the Griffon, the off-road capabilities of the new generation. The Griffon is thus to assist in the location of all other vehicles SCORPION program under all conditions. Arquus developed and produced the radio-controlled self-defense systems of the Griffon, which equip the other vehicles of the SCORPION program. This remote-controlled weapon systems benefit from the latest technologies: Full HD video, tactical situation display in augmented reality, advanced connectivity with the Vetronik that put RCWS at the center of the community struggle.

Thales brings all the technologies on board the vehicles, which enable the use of data and information for the cooperative use of the platforms. This includes the Vetronik on board, based on computers and connects all navigation, protection, monitoring and communication services to each other. The on-board Vetronik allows management and consolidation of all data in the vehicle. The Funk Software CONTACT represents the networking of forces through real-time communication capability safely.

The 6 × 6 Griffon is an armored multipurpose vehicle in the 25-ton class. A 298 kW diesel engine accelerates the vehicle up h to 110km /. The vehicle can accommodate the driver and gunner, and up to eight soldiers. For self-protection of the Griffon is equipped with a remote-controlled weapon station which can be populated with light or heavy machine gun or a 40 mm grenade machine gun. Optionally, the anti-tank missile systems MMP system can be adapted.

So far, the vehicle is ordered in the versions for passenger transport, management, medical evacuation and artillery observation. Perhaps a lighter 4 × 4 version will follow later that will serve primarily as a reconnaissance vehicle.

Gerhard Heiming