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As part of the life extension of the armored personnel carrier (IFVs) Marder 1A5 receives a new drive train. The BAAINBw has contracted Rheinmetall to supply 78 conversion kits for the Marder 1A5, including airborne and special tools, logistical units and spare parts Erstbedarf for 110 million euros in 2023 as a whole. In addition, the training should be supported. The conversion kits are to be increased combat performance 1A5 71 Marder.

In the center of the new powertrain, a modern 550 kW diesel engine is available from Liebherr, bringing an increase in engine output from 600 to 750 HP. With the higher drive power of mobility loss will be compensated by the weight increases since the introduction of SPz almost fifty years ago. The specific power increases from currently 11.5 kW / t to 14.2 kW / t.

Nutzungsdauerverlängerung Schützenpanzer Marder 1 A5
The previous compact engine with engine and gearbox will be replaced (photo: sonaz)

The Marder will remain even after the introduction of the previously planned 350 SPz Puma continue in service. He has therefore been continually modernized in recent years. Also had to obsolescence are eliminated. Thus, the new anti-tank weapon was multirole-capable lightweight guided missile system (MELLS) integrated into the different variants of the Marder armored personnel carrier and also commissioned a new driver's vision system, a thermal image of the target device as well as a fire detection and extinguishing system. Portions of this life extension are already the subject of series contracts and are located in the inlet to the troops. Individual measures can be supplied as modular conversion kits and - be integrated to ensure the availability of vehicles - for example, in the context of predictable maintenance.

Nutzungsdauerverlängerung Schützenpanzer Marder 1 A5

Gerhard Heiming