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The success of medical treatment of wounded is highly dependent on qualified measures directly from the injury. It is the fast, gentle and, if necessary. By health care professionals accompanied transport of the patient to the nearest adequate treatment facility is an essential element. The Central Medical Service has for the transportation of casualties ashore on protected and unprotected medical motor vehicles. The protected vehicles, the light (Eagle IV BAT) and heavy (Boxer) protected medical motor vehicle are provided. For middle-protected ambulance vehicle procurement contract can be concluded in the near future.

With a request from the December 18, 2019 to submit requests to participate, the Federal Office for equipment, information technology and use of the Bundeswehr (BAAINBw) has opened the competition for the supply of up to 500 unprotected terrain Wounded transport vehicles (trucks UVT gl).

After Ausschreibungstext a framework agreement to be concluded with a term of 15 years on the manufacture and delivery of up to 500 EA unprotected terrain Wounded transport vehicles (UVT). The UVT are to be pre-equipped for receiving comprising military equipment kits (communication and management facilities, protective equipment, hand weapons). In addition, the production and delivery of medical services comes handy conversion kit (medical equipment in the medical union work space for a wounded) for each vehicle.

be commissioned as 294 vehicles incl. accessories, assembly kits for medical facilities and military radio and guidance equipment and 294 sets of medical devices and equipment, material foundations including IETM, special tools, measuring and Prüfmittelsätze, Ersatzteilerstbedarf and training equipment along with training services.

The BAAINBw intends to carry out the competition with three operators and the deadline for receipt of requests to participate in the January 30, 2020 has set.

The Bundeswehr will select the competition later this year an applicant and complete the framework agreement.

Gerhard Heiming