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The first Light Utility Helicopters H145 for the search and rescue service of the Bundeswehr (Light Utility Helicopter Search and Rescue, LUH SAR) on Dec. 10, 2019 - was handed over by Airbus Helicopters to the German Army - three months before the agreed handover date.

In December 2018, the Bundeswehr had ordered seven H145 for the rescue service and a maximum price of 87.5 million euros for the aircraft, adjustments cabin and avionics, staff training and optional services agreed. The seven helicopters should be delivered in 2020, provided in 2021 in advance of the planned withdrawal of the Bell UH-1D ( "Huey").

The helicopters will be stationed SAR stations Niederstetten, wood village Nörvenich to. Maintenance, repair and provision for air operations during the first nine years of operation by the Airbus subsidiary Motorflug Baden-Baden is regulated by contract.

The main SAR Einsatzaufgaben also continue to be handled by the new H145 pattern LUH SAR future. It's about the search and rescue service, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year is perceived. Core mission will be the search for missing or downed civilian and military aircraft and their occupants as well as the transport of injured. In contrast to civil air rescue the Rettungsflieger lead the Bundeswehr its mission through, even under adverse weather conditions. This includes operations after sunset one with the use of night vision goggles for pilots.

For this job, the helicopter is equipped with a wide range of sensors and rescue equipment. For example, infrared and thermal imaging sensors, used a direction-finding system for locating emergency signals, an external rescue hoist, a high-power searchlight and a system for locating mobile phones. Taken together, these systems make the new helicopter to a highly effective and powerful life-saving equipment.

Upon completion of the training of crews, the operational test of the LUH SAR starts. In June 2020, the first SAR station is to take over the H145 LUH SAR and until April 2021. it expects to complete the entire acquisition process in Niederstetten. Then it is for the "Huey" the German army finally "Good-bye"!

Gerhard Heiming