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On December 4, 2019 10:15 British aircraft carrier "HMS Queen Elizabeth" will invest in its domestic base. Just in time for then about 120 kilometers to the north held summit of NATO heads of state and -Regierungschefs. She will share with her sister ship "HMS Prince of Wales' berths at a new spacious Pier.

With a combined Uboot-defense exercise (together with the Type 23 frigate "HMS Northumberland", the tanker "RFA Tideforce" and the Norwegian frigate "HNoMS Thor Heyerdahl") for more than three months foreign education travel, Westland 19 terminates', which focuses the production of the carrier flying the fighter planes as well as for the carrier itself was (ESuT reported in advance). (According to new data) Six British F-35 Lightning jets (the 0.17 Test and Evaluation Squadron (TES) ', stationed on the California Edwards Air Force Base three, and three others, the RAF (Royal Air Force) base Marham crossed from the Atlantic) and F-35 US Marine Corps beübten and the support crew in a five-week operational test phase, which were led by the Air Warfare Center. The tests included: preparation, preparation of the staff and the Jets, loading via the automated weapon handling system of the carrier takeoffs and landings, weapons deployment exercises, SAR, emergencies. The press release from the British Ministry of Defense: "The training culminated with four UK Lightnings that were started within seconds to begin their mission."

The carrier also accompanying Type 45 destroyer "HMS Dragon" returned on Monday, December 2 to Portsmouth back.

The commanding officer of the "HMS Queen Elizabeth", Commodore Steve Moorhouse: "This was a very successful deployment for HMS Queen Elizabeth. The aim was to increase the complexity and the pace of our activities to strengthen the capabilities of the strike group and test ourselves in a challenging training environment with our close partners of the US Navy and Marine Corps. - The first-time inclusion of the British F-35B Lightning in the Carrier Strike Group is an important milestone. We are well prepared for an equally challenging year 2020 and our first operational deployment in 2021. "In 2010, a Sea Harrier had last of the" lifted HMS Ark Royal ".

The "HMS Queen Elizabeth" was used before Annapolis as a platform for the second joint US-British Atlantic Future Forum and the Defense Trade Expo. A bilateral meeting, get together with the leaders and defense experts from both the governmental side and from industry, business and science in order to deal with emerging trends, technologies and threats in the areas of cyber, artificial intelligence and space.

The return of "QE" (as the "HMS Queen Elizabeth also called) falls not only on the date of the 70th anniversary summit of NATO. is kindled but also in a time when within the British armed forces a discussion on individual skills, including the aircraft carrier. Without official confirmation, individual, should have spoken from the leadership circle of the armed Kräftee it to borrow one of the carriers to the United States to reduce costs (Note: In an internal paper of the ruling party, as British newspapers, are to (promised by Prime Minister Boris Johnson ) increases in benefits for social spending and compensates healthcare through savings in the armed forces are.). With a reduction in operating costs due to the loan dispensing of a carrier, the total size of the armed forces could be maintained, it is in London.

Meanwhile recorded the First Sea Lord, Admiral Tony Radakin, the inspector of the US Navy (CNO US Navy), Admiral Mike Gilday, and the inspector of the Japanese Navy (Chief of Staff Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force), Hiroshi Yamamura, a trilateral cooperation agreement in which reaffirm their commitment to enhanced cooperation and hold a joint mission for the year 2021 in the eye it. The year to date was scheduled for the first operational use of the "QE". For the full operational capability ( 'Full Operational Capability'- FOC) of 3.1 billion British pounds expensive carrier with British jets had been provided 2,023th

s. also ESUT reporting to the first flight tests

Hans Uwe Mergener