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For the maintenance and repair manager (Maintenance Rigg, MTR) on which the aircraft technicians NH90 NTH Sea Lion be formed Rheinmetall has supplied the Functional cockpit (FC). The functional cockpit is built into a replica in original size of the new transport helicopter NH90 NTH "Sea Lion" and allows mapping through the maintenance tasks initiated in the cockpit and to include in the training.

The MTR with integrated FC have handed Reiser Simulation and Training and Rheinmetall mid June 2019 to the Naval Air Wing 5 in the north woods. (ESuT reported) The early delivery of the training system, the ground crew could start training even before delivery of the first original helicopter. On 24 October 2019, the Bundeswehr has the first Sea Lion adopted. Flight operations has not yet been taken up because of significant errors in the technical documentation of the machines.

In addition to the task of training ground staff, which will service the new helicopter in the future and repaired, there is also the possibility of using the functional cockpit for the pilot training. This is particularly advantageous because in the initial phase of limited stock helicopters are training support.

The FC at the site north woods is also based on the Asterion Simulation technology from Rheinmetall as the ground crew training systems in Fassberg in operation. There, the ground staff will be trained the German Army on three faithful Cockpitnachbauten terms of operating and maintenance procedures for the NH90 TTH.

Gerhard Heiming