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In a visit to troops on December 26, 2019, the reigning Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles has announced that the competition will be re-advertised publicly for the production of the 8 × 8 Kamp vehicles (Vehiculo de Combate sobra Ruedas, VCR) shortly.

To develop the VCR on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Defense, the three Spanish companies Santa Bárbara Sistemas had founded (the subsidiary of General Dynamics European Land Systems), Indra and Sapa 2015, the joint venture UTE CVR 8 × 8th The consortium has the Piranha 5 further developed according to the requirements and built five prototypes that were tested in the troops of 2019.

The Spanish Dragón program sees the first batch 348 VCR in 13 different configurations (combat, reconnaissance, rescue, pioneering struggle, command, anti-tank and artillery observation, four of them in versions for different management levels) before, including any component of mission systems (armament, protection elements , sensors, communications and management systems) as well as products for the logistic support. Delivery is scheduled to 2022nd the order for 2022 is scheduled for the second lot of 365 vehicles, while no timetable is known for the third batch of 287 vehicles.

In July 2019, the Spanish Council of Ministers has approved the purchase of a total of around 1,000 VCR in three lots. For the first batch estimated 2.1 billion euros were provided, with which the production is to be funded over the period 2019-2023. After that, the contract negotiations have begun by the end obviously could not be led to a result. According to the minister the offer of the consortium did not meet the technical, operational and economic requirements of the procurement authority Dirección General de Armamento y Material (DGAM).

With the renewed bid, the Minister wants to give the procurement program a new impetus and more strength. The Dragón have lead remains a high priority and should apply to the armed forces to a safe combat vehicle. But the Spanish industry and its employees will benefit from the program.

A spokesman for Santa Bárbara Sistemas stressed that the consortium is ready with a powerful offer on any type competition. For the new edition of the competition there is no legal necessity. In any case, a new competition will lead to an extension of the delivery dates.

Background Piranha 5

The Piranha 5 - referred to in Spain as Dragón - weighs depending on the equipment over 33 tons. At 8.00 m length, 2.99 m wide and 2.34 m height of up to eight soldiers can be transported in the protected room, plus the three-member crew.

The modular protection system in conjunction with energy-absorbing seats and restraint systems provides protection against mines, improvised explosive devices and ballistic threats. The protection level is not specified. GDELS offers a standard level 4 according to STANAG 4569, optional up to Level 5th

Core of the mobility is produced under license from SAPA 480 kW diesel engine DC 13 Scania whose power is passed through an automatic transmission of SW624 SAPA eight steered wheels with height-adjustable, McPherson hydropneumatic suspension technology. For continuous supply of electric power a 75 kW auxiliary power unit is installed. The driving range is specified at 1,000 km, a top speed of 100 km / h.

Gerhard Heiming