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In early December announced the US Army announced that the initiative to introduce new management vehicles (expeditionary command post) has reached a significant milestone. The design phase of this project was completed and started the integration.

The Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Cyber, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Center of the Army - known as C5ISR Center - through the development and construction of twelve integrated command vehicles and tent-based command posts. The aim of the armed force be pursued modernization. The goal is to provide a new and closed command post structure that makes do with a smaller footprint and replaces the old, inflexible tent solutions. Is poised to its artillery units play a role by large drones associations as well as the size of the analysis of a potential enemy and its intelligence capabilities. Analyzes of the US forces and the NATO state that all tactical equipment that linger longer than eight minutes stationary at one point can be quickly solved by the drones associations. A little later - depending on the tactical significance - can be carried out artillery strikes. Therefore, should wherever possible stationary solutions by small and highly mobile are replaced.

CPI2 program

The Command Post Integrated Infrastructure (CPI2) program is the responsibility of the Office for Command, Control, Communications-Tactical. It combines dozens of C5ISR infrastructure components to ensure more flexibility, mobility and adaptability. The new systems have to be mobile more quickly and easily while ensuring continuity of leadership.

This meets the requirements of almost all modern armed forces, especially within NATO. Only the implementation of the new findings and receivables are then quite different.

The US Army began the project in March 2019 a series of workshops. It should be noted in particular, units in the tactical use as their command vehicles and -gefechtsstände. Following designs were supported by troops - the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) - created. An important aspect of the program is to understand how users use the new mobile command posts in all operating phases. To much attention has been paid much that the tactical users (soldiers) and the technical development side were working at the site. Only then field-tested ideas could arise.

new approaches

Large command posts with many cells offer many effective features, but her big signatures make it easier aufklärbar. to be met because of the political-military realignment that could cause peer opponents again today at eye level, to be brought into line with the development of new technologies effectiveness and survivability. The enemy has its own reconnaissance, and even a lot of it, and also extensive weapons. Own air sovereignty can not be assumed unconditionally, as is the case for example in missions such as Afghanistan, Iraq and Mali more.

The new designs include a considerable amount of C5ISR devices, including network communications, hardware and software, power systems, radios, antennas, servers and computers as well as heating and cooling units. Each component has complex interfaces, cabling, security and performance requirements that must be taken into account.

The number and type of vehicles were also part of the experimental process that also changes to the default families use befindlicher vehicles involved - in the middle class tactical to ultra-lightweight all-terrain vehicles (ATV). In addition to pure vehicles also solutions tent or ISO container base were considered.

Recently, the review process for the approval and completion of designs could now of CPI2 be completed. The C5ISR Center now creates computer-aided 3D design models and drawings that include the technical plans for the change of three vehicle types. Subsequently, the production and integration phases for the creation of a fully operational command post for the brigade level to continue. The aim is to provide a timely solution, and promptly the US Army sees less than a year.

"Expedition command post" to enable a rapid response to the needs of the Army in the future. With it, the integration of C5ISR systems to organizational levels are combined in the entire US Army into a single, agile command post of almost ten. The first system will be handed over to the product managers CPI2 in June 2020th The transfer to the 3rd Brigade Combat Team of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) is (FY) 2021 provided for.

André Forkert