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The Budget Committee of the German Bundestag decided on Wednesday, December 11th, 2019 to submit several 25 million euro bills, including the supplementary procurement of guided missiles with a medium range Meteor. A total of 185 million euros has been released for the procurement of a total of 100 additional Meteor from the manufacturer MBDA including accessories.

In 2013, the first procurement contract with a total of 150 missiles was concluded to be delivered from 2016 to 2019. In August 2016, the first 17 systems were planned handed over to the Bundeswehr, was handed over the last missile alleging 9. Armor report in December 2018. The completion of the integration into the Euro Fighter Air Force (Tranche 2 and 3a) by ES & T Information for 2020 intended.


Meteor is realized in a European cooperation (Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Sweden and Spain) under British leadership. The German share (16Prozent) consists of the warhead system of TDW (MBDA Germany, Schrobenhausen), Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) from the Northrop Grumman LITEF GmbH (Freiburg) and the engine of the Bayern-Chemie (MBDA Germany, Aschau am Inn) ,

The air-to-air missile Meteor has been developed for the control of highly agile destinations beyond visual range (beyond visual range) in mean distances. The missile is made up of three main components radar seeker head with electronics, warhead and drive together. By a controllable solid ramjet (Throttleable Ducted Rocket Ramjet or) range can be achieved over 200 km and at altitudes exceeding 20,000 m average speeds of Mach 4 of.

Through the world-wide unique drive technology, the so-called No Escape Zone is two to five times greater than previously used missiles. As No Escape zone is referred to an area around the aircraft, from which it under maximum g maneuvers of the attacking missile can not escape (opposite 180 degrees, for example) even with an immediate escape rate and.

After identifying a target and assignment as hostile to the selected from the weapons computer platform meteor entered the position and the course of the enemy about to start. only the possibility of a one-way connection so far insisted on imported missiles to the platform. Through the use of a two-way data links in the Meteor is the first time in the history of aerial combat can get information to transmit back the guided missile to the platform and. Thus, the pilot shall be able, all at his disposal to pool information and align the flight path of the missile better suit the need of the current air situation picture. thus the data link provides completely new possibilities of information processing to qualifiable statements about a mission success. In addition, objective information that another aircraft (fighter plane or AWACS) will be redirected to the missile by a third party, for example, are used to follow up a goal and continue the combat operation. so that the carrier aircraft obtains the tactical advantage that it can turn to a new air / air or air / ground combat situation immediately after the launch of the missile.

Waldemar Geiger and Ulrich Rapreger