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The Dutch Procurement Office DMO (Defense Materiel Organization) has taken the first two Brückenlegepanzer Iguana by Krauss-Maffei Wegmann on December 10 of 2019. In 2016 adopted cooperation Germany and the Netherlands seven had ordered eight battlefield bridges (Combat Support Bridge, COD) iguana. The systems will be completely handed over to the respective users by the end 2,021th

Germany had received a mid-2018 detection and Ausbildungsdemonstrator (Nuad) of the battle bridge system iguana. 2019 the inflow of the series copies has begun.

The bridges of the Iguana are made of high-strength aluminum and loaded with vehicles up to a military load class (MLC) 80th (Photo: KMW)

The GFB is an armored bridge laying system with a Leopard 2-chassis as the carrier, two deployable bridges, each 14 meters and a bridge having a length of 26 meters. The bridges from KMW type Iguana are made of high-strength aluminum, and (depending on the vehicle to about 80 tonnes) loaded with vehicles up to a military load class (MLC) 80th The system includes also a protected truck to transport the bridge elements and a computer-based training facility.

The GFB have great importance for the VJTF. A large part of the possible applications of the spearhead of NATO in Eastern Europe is characterized by a plurality of bodies of water, which are often not sufficiently strong crossed by road bridges.

Gerhard Heiming