complete modernization of the naval radio station for submarines

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To ensure modern leadership and continuous communication of the German submarine fleet and submarines of NATO partners was commissioned Telefunken RACOMS 2016 with the modernization of naval radio station Saterland Ramsloh (NATO VLF / MSK Marine radio station Rhauderfehn). The implementation of the project by Telefunken RACOMS included the integration of modern semiconductor and information technology. To realize the training and logistical services included.

After almost three years of work Telefunken RACOMS has passed the naval radio station in the regenerated state back to the Navy. The Navy radio station Saterland Ramsloh was transmitters MSK MSK transmitter converted the first of several VLF systems in the NATO alliance of VLF based on tube technology on modern VLF based on semiconductor technology. This regeneration to improve the signal quality could be achieved surgically. These activities were carried out under tight deadlines, as a transmission obligation in the NATO coalition insisted.

Due to further extensive technical innovations on the control and comprehensive training services of the operating and maintenance personnel were required.

With eight 352.8 m high towers, the location in East Friesland Marine radio station of the tallest buildings belongs in Germany. The masts are of two identical transmission facilities with 100 kW transmission power per mast. Taking advantage of the terrain (flat Moor) of the VLF transmitter submarines reached water depth around the world in up to 30 meters. The plant is in operation since 1,982th After the modernization of the operation is to be continued for another twenty years.

Gerhard Heiming