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For over twenty years, the training device duel simulator (AGDUS) to simulate the fire fight in the ground forces - particularly the army - in use. Now the Federal Office of equipment, information technology and use of the Bundeswehr (BAAINBw) Saab has engaged with the modernization of AGDUS BT 46 supplied by Saab.

By 2022 the system will be upgraded to the latest technology. These outdated hardware is replaced and installed new software. The upgrade includes high-fidelity training, wireless technology and augmented reality, which are integrated into the visual displays. The evaluation computer consider real vehicle silhouettes and simulate ballistics completely by laser. The new system is configurable for different vehicle platforms and fully compatible with previous generations. The intended useful life extends beyond 2030.

With the introduction of the open laser code U-LEIS 2017 Saab, the Bundeswehr had already in 2017 the interoperability of BT improved 46 systems, and opens the possibility to take part in multinational exercises.

Vor einer Woche ist Saab als Betreiber für das Gefechtsübungszentrum des Heeres (GÜZ) beauftragt worden. Die Gefechtsausbildung im GÜZ beruht in hohem Maße auf der Nutzung von AGDUS.

Gerhard Heiming