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The decision for the new Battle Management System of the Bundeswehr has fallen. Today's procurement procedures of the Federal Office for equipment, information technology and use of the Armed Forces of Systematic represents the completion of a process that began with the army in Munster with extensive testing of the candidates and in the result of the Bundeswehr now the Battle Management System SitaWare Frontline by Systematic is to obtain for the VJTF 2023 (L).

The Battle Management System is the backbone of digitization. It provides the interface for networking willing similar Windows for PCs or Android or iOS for mobile phones. More specifically, it is to a real-time situational awareness create, obtained by both military leaders and the soldiers on the ground a sufficiently comprehensive for her overview of the action.

The Battle Management System ensures the scaling up. While continuing as ADLER take in the lower levels of the specialized systems for the artillery, the "brunt" of information processing and provision, the Battle attracts management system, all of such subsystems and sensors data coming together to make it the executive level in a clear situation report showcase. In a further step, the Battle would provide management system and the uniform look for really all concerns so that the vehicle as well as see some of the tactical leader of the senior management at headquarters the same card. This, however, the technical equipment of the vehicles is necessary. IT qualifications about the raccoon is already running, whether this is enough for the modern digitized battle composite remains however to be seen. The same applies to the inclusion of the old SEM radios in the digital Brigade.

Finally, the Battle Management System will make a preliminary selection to enable the best response to incidents in seconds without disturbing emotions. It is to form the rest in battle, to which the military leaders can rely. For example, if a patrol enemy tanks accounts management system to process this information, the Battle representing capable card, match the readiness and capabilities of all its own forces on the ground and suggest to the military leaders, the most appropriate means to combat. The target instruction and the firing order for the thus selected vehicle came directly from the Battle Management System. So at least the goal.

In reality, this requires a certain degree of digitization of all in this composite operating units and systems, which is not possible with the current Bundeswehr. On the other hand, the digitization is the Battle Management System simplifies after the introduction in so far as that it must no longer be planned and implemented on a greenfield site, but to a Battle Management Systems can align to the requirements and conditions of this. The selection of the Battle Management Systems to provide to the beginning is thus the right first step.

The integration process of the Battle Management System contains thereby connecting all elements of the armed forces, the radar on the night vision device, Blue Force Tracking, to the flying and sea-going units, of course, with certain restrictions in the very old equipment. This all inclusive interfaces for international data exchange, after all, are in the VJTF (L) in 2023 not only German soldiers.

"SitaWare Frontline is for the army a useful addition to the imported product SitaWare Headquarters, which already ensures the interoperability of deployable command posts of the Army in multinational operations"Said Sven Trusch Vice President of Business Development at Systematic, in a recent Interview with the European Security & Technology. "We have now been fitted with 30 nations SitaWare. Especially users of SitaWare Frontline denote the introduction of a BMS often as, Game Changer 'to which you do not want to miss more. The radiotelephone portion can be reduced significantly, the speed and accuracy in the operation guide is increased with a simultaneous reduction of errors in the transmission of tactical information. We get a lot of feedback about our products in use and exercise the user nations that we can in turn feed into the ongoing development. In this way, the experience of individual nations throughout the user community will benefit. "

Dorothee Frank