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The Federal Office for equipment, information technology and use of the Bundeswehr (BAAINBw) has the Publication of the negotiated procedure launched a tender for the lease of three civil helicopters H145 with up to 1,300 flight hours (FH) in 2021 on December 23 of 2019. The tender is scheduled for January 20th 2020th The contract period is to last until 31 December 2021 from 1 January 2021. It is scheduled to begin flight operations on January 4 2,021th

What is required is an owner of the at least three authorized for civil air transport helicopter H145 (usually room EASA) limited in time (hours) can provide for the implementation of low cost in agreement with the tenant, the Armed Forces, in running, airworthy condition on the air base in Laupheim. It will be required up to 1,300 flight hours, including 260 hours of night flight in the 2021st at least two flight window must be provided for night flights per week.

"As part of the training of helicopter pilots officers / -Innen (HFO) of the German Air Force, will be allocated following the acquisition of the type rating H145M, must have a sufficient number of flight hours to the staff to professionalize further immediately and promptly after reaching the to enable the necessary skill levels on the use pattern H145M for use, so "the BAAINBw said.

The provision of additional flight hours on the H145 is intended, it is apparent from the information published, enabling a timely manner after the conversion to the H145M an uninterrupted qualification of the future use of personnel to be able to cover loads to the staffing requirements for the operation "Resolute Support".

In addition to providing the equipment, the contractor will also be responsible for maintaining traffic safety / airworthiness during use, care, maintenance and repair. Also required consumables and "Ground Support Equipment" (soil, testing and special tools) have provided by the landlord and are carried in the helicopter.

It is likely that the tender of the additional flight hours is necessary because the Bundeswehr two of the 15 stationed in Laupheim H145M LUH SOF (Light Utility Helicopter Special Operations Forces) will relocate to the use of at least. These machines were then bound over a longer period at Resolute Support in Afghanistan and would not be standing for the training and exercises operating in Germany are available.

H145M goes to Afghanistan

In Resolute Support currently paid by the CH53 of the Air Force missions by the German Army with the NH90 transport helicopter and the helicopter H145M the special forces of the Air Force should be taken from the 2021st To date, it is planned three NH90 and to deploy an Airbus H145M in northern Afghanistan - with one machine of each type as a reserve. The stakes are planning currently limited to 18 months.

In use, the H145M to form together with the NH90 a team and their use - for example, when FwdAirMedEvac use - secure.

Additional flight hours required on the horizon

The now advertised rental is believed to occur against the background that in 2021 at least two H145M machines in Laupheim are not available, but without breaking must continue the training and in-practice attitude of the pilots.

In addition, the major problems are 53 CH-the Air Force in obtaining the flight permission on the pattern. According to reports, free flight hours already being used on the H145M to CH-53 pilots to enable real flight hours.

While the availability of H145M is consistently at around 95 percent, only a few of the CH-53 machine should be ready for use. The only exceptions are the machines deployed abroad.

In addition to the mission in Afghanistan, a second possible application is currently being discussed and tested in the Bundeswehr. This could affect both the CH-53 and the H145M machines. Well informed sources to has already been given appropriate inspection order by the Federal Ministry of Defense to the units. A concrete of use but was not called. According to recent press reports, for example, the expansion of Mali inserts or additional exposure in Syria could be envisaged.

Parallel simulation solution is tested for H145M. The Air Force will procure but probably not have its own simulator for cost and time reasons. Therefore, discussions are currently taking place with Lufthansa Aviation Training. The company Reiser Simulation and Training provides an appropriate helicopter simulator with removable cockpit for the patterns H145 and H135 to Lufthansa. The Level D simulator for training in the field of Helicopter Emergency Medical Services should go in August 2020 at the Frankfurt site in operation. With little effort, this would probably be upgraded to a H145M (Light) version. Here could then at least for the pilots all procedures, without using the "rear battle space," are trained. Other alternatives to the use of a simulator made on the ADAC HEMS Academy at the airport Bonn / Hangelar in Sankt Augustin and in Airbus Helicopters in Donauwörth. Also, the simulator in Sankt Augustin comes from Reiser Simulation and Training.

André Forkert