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The Federal Office for equipment, use and Information Technology of the Bundeswehr (BAAINBw), the ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH with the delivery of the future "standard aviator helmet helicopter crew (SFH)."

The ESG has developed the aviator helmet system based on a market-available product Gentex in cooperation with AUTOFLUG. The ESG has brought her skills as a specialist in the approval process of rescue and safety equipment, particularly pilots helmets while AUTOFLUG has relevant experience in the assembly, deployment, implementation and maintenance of rescue and safety equipment and the corresponding permanent establishment.

The new SFH system is designed for worldwide use in different climatic categories and under different environmental conditions of flight crew members in the imported and located in the introduction of military helicopters of the German Armed Forces. The flyer helmet system serves to protect the user during flight operation in the specified range of use from external influences such as noise, optical emitters (lasers), sand, dust, mechanical shocks, etc. weapon effect. In addition, it is used to carry additional equipment such as night vision goggles permanently. The supply of people with oxygen when flying at high altitudes will be possible.

An adaptation to other helicopter types of the Bundeswehr (eg leased and possibly also to future helicopter) can also be basically allows by the ESG.

Gerhard Heiming