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RUAG Switzerland MRO supplies 16 sensor test equipment for helicopters "Missim" to the Bundeswehr. In "Missim" is a cutting-edge system that simulates a wide range of Electronic Warfare (EW) attack attributes such as radar, lasers, missiles and enemy fire (Hostile Fire Indication, HFI).

The new test solution RUAG is in the armed forces already earmarked for other aircraft in action. The now procured 16 Test Equipment second generation come in the future when the helicopter systems LTH NH90 and Tiger KH used.

The test device for helicopters "Missim" RUAG is based on modernster technology and run by specialists with in-depth expertise continually evolving. The simulation with the 4-in-1 sensor tester "Missim" makes it reliable to test the functionality of their self-protection system within minutes the armed forces. Not only does the operational readiness of helicopters, but in particular the safety of crews and fighting soldiers is guaranteed in international operations.

The portable Missim devices can simulate helicopter (Photo: RUAG) in a large removal tape threats

Missim can be programmed using an intuitive software locally to the sensors with new or specialized threats with up to 255 different scenarios to apply per emitter. The memory of Missim can be within seconds wiped out and cleaned so that the individual scenarios do not fall into the wrong hands.

Thanks to the automatic compensation of the output power can be Missim and reliably cause reactions at intervals away used up to 20 meters from the sensor of one. The compact and lightweight (1.6 kg) device complies with the relevant military and environmental standards and is therefore suitable for mobile use in demanding environments.

Gerhard Heiming