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Glock has introduced its new model 44 on December 10 of 2019. The pistol .22 Long Rifle (long for rifle - LFB) corresponds in size to a model 19 G5.

G44 – Glock stellt Pistole in .22 LFB vor
(Photo: Glock)

It can be the same as the large-caliber sister use, thereby offering an alternative for affordable training. The Magazinkapzität is ten cartridges. Thanks to the closure construction of steel and polymer, the weight of the empty weapon is 358 grams, with a full magazine at 453 grams. The weapon can be ordered and will be delivered from 20 January 2020th

G44 – Glock stellt Pistole in .22 LFB vor

Jan-Phillipp Weisswange