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Machine Guns (MG) are fully automatic support weapon at high rates and firepower in which the ammunition feed is usually about ammunition belts.

The drive is effected either by the excess energy (blowback), the produced when firing gas pressure (gas pressure loader) or by means of external, usually electrical energy (separately driven). Basic document for the classification and procurement of machine guns in the armed forces is the Final functional requirement (AF) for "New machine guns" on 5 January 2009. She shares the machine guns in five product classes:

  • Machine gun Class Light (5.56 mm x 45, MG4)
  • Machine gun class means (7.62 mm x 51, MG3 and MG5)
  • Machine gun class mean high cadence (7.62 mm x 51 MG6)
  • Machine gun class heavy (caliber 12.7 mm x 99, M2, M3M)
  • Machine gun class heavy special forces (caliber 12.7 mm x 99)

The following description is limited to those machine guns of the army, which the hand weapons are attributable. Only lafette aided machine guns in the caliber 12.7 mm x 99 (Cal .50 BMG), ie the heavy machine guns class, are not considered here.

Machine gun MG3

The machine gun MG3 goes back to the MG42, which was developed even during World War II and produced. The MG42 was distinguished from its predecessor, the MG34, primarily through two fundamental innovations of:

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