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The British Defense Minister Ben Wallace has announced the conclusion of a procurement contract for more than 500 Armored Vehicles (GTF) Boxer. The contract is worth the equivalent of about 3.2 billion euros.

The all-terrain, heavily armored vehicles are able to fight on the digital battlefield and are used primarily for troop transport. From 2023 they will run the Strike Brigade of the British Army and bring the soldiers quickly and over long distances to the respective location.

The modular boxer can - to meet the requirements - using one and the same drive module to be reconfigured quickly to fulfill different roles on the battlefield, from transporting troops through the desert to the treatment of severely injured service personnel on the trip hospital: First, the Army will buy a mix of troop transport variant, ambulances, command vehicles and special designs for transporting military equipment.

2018 Britain was re-entered into the hitherto bilateral German-Dutch arms program and had studied together with OCCAR, as the boxer can be used for the modernization of the British fleet and whether he (the military requirements for the program "Mechanized Infantry Vehicle" MIV can fulfill).

Now the boxers is intended to complement the equipment of the Strike Brigade beside the Aufklärungspanzer Ajax. Its low logistical footprint, the long range, high mobility and advanced digitalization it is to strengthen the capabilities of the Strike Brigade crucial stakes in global scenarios.

Großbritannien bestellt über 500 Boxer für die British Army
Großbritannien bestellt über 500 Boxer für die British Army

The statement of the Ministry not a party is named. Rheinmetall Defense had set up in advance with BAE Systems, the joint venture Rheinmetall BAE Systems Country (RBSL) to ensure the participation of British industry in the production of the boxer. RBSL could be the general contractor, who can authorize and coordinate inter alia, the orders to his parent companies and British companies.

The Ministry of Defense has signed the treaty aware before the start of the elections to take advantage of the favorable results of negotiations from a British perspective. The binding of the offer was due to expire on December 31 of 2019. After the election, the (new) Defense might come to a different evaluation. The permanent Secretary of Defense (MOD Permanent Secretary) as the audit office, however, expected that, given the favorable outcome of the negotiations, the continuation of the contract will be the most likely course of action.

Gerhard Heiming