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Mistral 3 is the most powerful variant of the anti-aircraft missile system for the next area Mistral from MBDA. In the demonstration shooting by MBDA, Mistral 3 was used both by a double-starter ATLAS-RC on a vehicle and by portable launchers (Man Portable Air Defense System, MANPADS). The fire control was carried out via several LICORNE, the MBDA guidance and control system for ground-based air defense at close range, which could use various sensors: Saab Giraffe 1-X radar system as well as IR and day vision cameras.

Leonardo's Mirach 40 unmanned target drone simulated the threats and displayed different flight profiles, as expected in the event of an attack.

The Mistral 3 missile, currently used by the French Armed Forces, is an anti-aircraft missile equipped with an infrared seeker head and advanced image processing functions. This enables targets with a low thermal signature such as: UAVs, turbojet-powered missiles and fast ships to be fought at long distances, while at the same time having excellent resistance to countermeasures.

To demonstrate this was the subject of the demonstration of the system in front of delegations from 15 countries, which had previously learned about the performance of the system in workshops. The only 2.5 m long Mirach target display - not visible to the naked eye - was shot at a target distance of seven kilometers. After targeting via LICORNE, the rocket was fired and was able to successfully fight the target.

Technical data Mistral 3
Procedure: Fire and forget with infrared search head
Length: 1.86 m
Diameter: 90 mm
Weight: 19.7 kg
Warhead: 3 kg
Speed: 930 m / s (3,350 km / h, Mach 2.7)

Gerhard Heiming