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About the French initiative of a European-led maritime mission in the Persian Gulf more details were known. As the website Bruxelles2Pro (short B2Pro, a French-language information service on issues of defense and security policy, on the European continent ') on 30th November announced that based EMASOH - European-Led Mission Awareness Strait of Hormuz - on two pillars: a military column with observationSkills at sea and in the air ( "Traffic monitoring and detecting the situation ")And a diplomatic post which is to significantly serve, tensionsprevent or reduce, Citing EU diplomats this close my "Search for an inclusive regional dialogue" on. A priori provided no support of trade ships. In itself it is not excluded.

The field of application umfasse the western part of the Gulf of Oman, the Strait of Hormuz itself and the eastern part of the Persian Gulfs - you remain in "international waters".

Paris have contacted twelve European countries, As long as national decision-making processes were running, rules over potential participants silence. On 29 November, the Netherlands has decided to take an interest. The Hague sent the frigate "HNLMS De Ruyter" with an eggngeschifften helicopters and personnel for the headquarters (Source: B2Pro According Denmark have been positive. Other recipients of the French inquiry identifies B2Pro Belgium.Germany, Greece, Italy, Norway, Portugal.Spain and the United Kingdom.

Since the usual structures do not attack political control, the political leadership should be ensured by regular meetings of the contact group - "where appropriate, be able to meet at ministerial or senior officials.

EMASOH is understood by Paris as an independent operation, which is to that of US-runnOperation Sentinel of International Maritime Security Construct Coalition, to which the United States, the United Kingdom, Albania, Australia, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates belongwill coordinate.

On November 24 announced the French defense Minister Florence Parly to, that the headquarters Arab in the naval base in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE) is to be established (there are about 700 French soldiers stationiert). The headquarters are ten to fifteen process the location secondee of the participating nations.


As European representative of the Royal Navy operates (at the above operation Sentinel) currently with three units, the Type 45 destroyer "HMS Defender" and the two Type 23 frigates "HMS Kent" and "HMS Montrose" operations free to protect maritime in the Persian Gulf, including escorts for British merchant ships. France is always present with a unit in the neighboring sea area of ​​the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean. Currently replaces the frigate "Courbet" the "Jean Bart".

Since signing onedefense agreements in the year 2009 entertain the French forces about 700 soldiers in Emirat for joint operation of a Marinestützpunktit(Of the aircraft carrier record Charles de Gaulle "can), an air base and an armored group. The modernization of the Mirage fighter was sealed at the Dubai Airshow.

Although the situation in the Persian Gulf has calmed down after the attacks in the summer, but it remains volatile. On November 26, Tehran drew the escalation screw with the launch of three new cruise missile and the accompanying rhetoric known again continues.

The French advance was (English: E2I) as part of the 2018 launched European "initiative d'Intervention" launched, a forum of fourteen EU Member States to discuss interventionThat vom extreme end of the spectrums military operations rich to humanitarian aid missions.

Hans Uwe Mergener