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In late October gave Saab the delivery of the first of 18 Combat Boat 90 (CB90) HSM-boats to the Swedish procurement agency FMV known. Sweden has 147 combat boats in an older version in use. About 250 are used worldwide. The boat was originally developed for the Swedish Navy, where it is used in amphibious corps. It is also used internationally in numerous versions: with the Swedish police (type CB90H), and the navies of Norway (20 S90N), Greece (3 pieces in coastal protection), Estonia, Mexico (48 CB90 HMN), Malaysia (5 CB90, CB90 12 HEX) and in the US Navy (6 as Riverine Command Boat). The CB90 HEX arrived in Germany already used for the first time as part of Bush's visit in 2006 and 2007 during the G8 summit. The water police Mecklenburg-Vorpommern had borrowed for the occasion a boat from the Swedish shipyard Dockstavarvet (owned since 2017. Saab). The boat has an aluminum hull.

The CB90 HSM is basically a new boat, with significantly enhanced compared to the previous versions range: higher speed, improved maneuverability and attack power and monitoring capabilities. Even if it outwardly resembles its predecessors, has the inner workings of considerable modifications.

It has an all-new powertrain with modified engine positioning, which optimizes the focus of the boat. This can drive more stable, faster and quieter boat. Combined with new jet drives that offer higher efficiency, overall efficiency is significantly increased - as well as the ergonomics and comfort for the crew.

It also features a new command and weapon control system and sensors for surveillance and combat. The heart of this is the sensor module Track Fire. It uses a stable and independent line of sight (Stabilized Independent Line of Sight - SILO). For this, the sensor module has been decoupled from the weapons axes and thus isolated from the recoil effects. The operator can maintain the line of sight to the target and thereby significantly reduce the target detection times. Thanks IR cameras monitoring functions have been enhanced. The target can be continuously lasered and be done by a continuous ballistic computation including 3D target forecast.

Fredrik Hyllengren, project manager at the Swedish FMV procurement organization: "We see totally new opportunities here. While older versions very fine boats are, they are only transport vehicles in comparison with the new model. With these upgrades, we have completely new operational functions related to surveillance, firepower, tactical awareness and the ability to act if necessary. "

The construction of the boat is extremely flat, less than 4.5 meters overall height. So Saab points out explicitly that the boat - can be transported in an Airbus A400M - after removal of the weapon system. Thanks to its compactness, the boat can easily by land, by air or by RoRo (Roll on Roll off) vessel to be laid. The low signature also makes it a very fast, small and difficult to be detected goal.

According to the manufacturer, the shipyard CB90 H may, for example, in addition to the 12.7 mm MG on rotary ring mount with up to 2.8 tons of mines or a modified HELLFIRE type RBS 17 SSM system be equipped.

Specifications CB90 HSM

displacement empty 18 tons
Max. Displacement 24.5 tons
total length 16.3 m
length hull 14.9 m
Width 3,8 m
draft 0.9 m
Max. speed 45 knots
Cruising. (Sea State 1) 38 knots
Range (at Cruising.) 300 NM
engines 2 x 900 HP Scania diesel V8
Water Jet S32 mix flow


The Dockstavarvet shipyard was founded in 1905, and since 1969 there Aliminiumbau is operated. The portfolio of military fighting boot (10 to 18 m) and high-speed patrol boats (10 to 20 m) (11,7 to 20 m) via pilot boats up to civilian leisure boats. The production time for such boats should be extremely short with three (mass production) to 12 weeks (custom-made).

The boats offer loading capacity for material and equipment on / in the middle deck, forepeak and in the passenger cabin. The precise and stabilized weapon system Track Fire has already been mentioned, there may be other FLW (Remote controlled weapon station Light) can be used. In addition, the boats offer ballistic and NBC protection to customer requirements. According to the manufacturer, the boats can be used to swell strength. 5

worldwide demand

Amphibious skills are currently in high demand. Thus, the European Battle Group (EUBG) will 2020-2 own Amphibious Task Force include. The Bundeswehr is planning their skills in this area to expand. So there are considerations by the Navy about 15 boats to purchase, often known internationally under the name "Rhine River Patrol Boats". Germany plans to use primarily by soldiers of the Sea Battalion.

André Forkert