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In the department of weapons systems and associated components form the main task. Besides combat and transport tanks diverse Bewaffnungs-, air defense and artillery systems to be configured. Also infantry and pioneer systems are anchored in the tasks of the department K.

Three project groups together the technical expertise of the Federal Office for equipment, information technology and use of the Bundeswehr

  • land-based air defense, missile for ships and aircraft dropping ammunition, anti-tank (K4 with five presentations)
  • Armored combat and transport systems, bridges and setting means (K5 with six units) and
  • Artillery, infantry and pioneer systems (K6 with five presentations).

This includes not only the realization of new projects and tasks using inserted in all projects.

With its comprehensive performance of tasks in the project and use management and research and technology, these three groups are supported by the cross-sectional groups Business / Engineering (K1) and business / law (K2).

Furthermore, the department head of the department staff KAS and the Controlling KAC is supported.

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