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The conduct of military operations in the complete range of applications in all application areas and at any time day or night, is an essential requirement for today's armed forces. Missions at night, especially against technologically well-equipped opponents, represent the focus of the global tactical operations, and are made possible by modern night vision technology. Especially in this area, the requirements go far beyond simply "seeing" night out. The qualifications for target reconnaissance and identification, for high-precision work and spatial perception are equally challenged, as well as the ability to up and dismounted tactical movement and the driving of vehicles at night.

XACT family

Modernste und einsatzerprobte Nachtsichttechnologie für die Bundeswehr
XACT NV32 monocular (Photos: TELEFUNKEN RACOMS)

TELEFUNKEN RACOMS backed by the image intensifier goggles XACT nv33 and the Bildverstärkermonokular XACT nv32 the foundations of a new and lightweight generation of night vision devices that are designed for the future needs of modern armed forces. XACT the family is complemented by monocular Wärmebildbeobachtungs- and -zielgeräte. Typical of the XACT family are small, lightweight and durable systems that satisfy the user through its high performance and ease of use for the cross-sectional use.

The devices of the XACT family are field-proven and -bewährte systems that are already being used for military and special forces and police worldwide. the XACT nv33 could multiply prevail in tender against all competing models. Therefore, in June 2017, the acquisition of more than 4,000 systems for the German Federal Armed Forces (Infantry) was agreed. Due to the excellent performance of the XACT nv33 and the recommendation of the German soldiers received TELEFUNKEN RACOMS a follow-on order for another 2,500 night vision goggles for the Bundeswehr.

the XACT nv33 image intensifier goggles is currently the most powerful Binocular and available on the market spectacle of this magnitude. Weighing less than 450 grams of the night vision goggles has considerable influence on the wearing comfort and allows the user a longer operating time and painless.

Also, improve the lower dimensions comfort, handling and reduce ease the impact of fast and quick movements on the tight fit on the head. This increases the XACT nv33 clearly shows the commitment of the user.

technological leadership

As one of the few manufacturers worldwide used TELEFUNKEN RACOMS in making the XACT series image intensifier tubes with a diameter of only 16 millimeters. The use of smaller tubes enables compact and lightweight design with comparable performance to larger tubes. The tend to have lower incidence of the smaller tubes is compensated for by the use höchstwertigster materials and modernster technologies.

areas of application

Modernste und einsatzerprobte Nachtsichttechnologie für die Bundeswehr
XACT NV33 Binocular - Biventricular glasses slightly

the XACT nv33 is cross-sectionally and coverage can be used in the armed forces. The night vision goggles is certified for driving vehicles on land, on sea and in the air. In addition, the glasses for the skydive use is suitable and can be used due to the depth of up to 25 meters for maritime operations.

The integrated IR illuminator receives XACT NV33 the act of the user even in complete darkness.

Data Display and Battle Management System (BMS)

TELEFUNKEN RACOMS, within the Group with ELBIT SYSTEMS, is the world's leading manufacturer of head-up displays (HUD) and Helmet Mounted Displays (HMD), with over 90% market share in the military market segment, including F-35 Joint Strike Fighter helmets and helicopter Head -up display. be able to show experience, technology leadership and understanding of an effective solution to digital data imaging surfaces, is the key to success for a suitable "man-machine" interface. The data display solutions our night vision for agricultural applications based on this technology and are a consistent further development of the proven and already introduced data displays for helicopter and aircraft crews.

The application of data displays for flight crews has matured into an indispensable Military scenarios standard. The data display solution of XACT NV33 based on all this, and at the same time combines the latest skills related to the use on the ground. General navigation and orientation symbols (GPS own position, magnetic north, bearing and direction of movement or viewing direction, etc.) are directly visible in the eyepiece of the user.

Modernste und einsatzerprobte Nachtsichttechnologie für die Bundeswehr
Situation report by the Data Display

Diese Navigationsfunktion ist vollständig unabhängig von externen Daten. Durch diese Fähigkeiten wird eine Desorientierung von Einsatzkräften, beim Marschieren, Fahren oder Fliegen bei Nacht oder Tag vermieden. Alle die dafür benötigten Daten stellen die Datendisplaysysteme bereits zur Verfügung. In Verbindung mit einem Battle Management System werden alle Missions- und Navigationsdaten, einschließlich der Wegpunkte, Meldungslinien, Ablauflinien, Routen, Marschwege, Checkpoints etc. über das Datendisplay direkt im Okular der XACT nv33 dargestellt. Missions-Updates und neue Lageeinspielungen können somit in Echtzeit aktualisiert dargestellt werden. Die wesentliche Kampfwertsteigerung besteht darin, dass der Nutzer die Nachtsichtbrillen nicht mehr deaktivieren bzw. hochklappen muss, um sich auf einer externen Lagekarte mithilfe einer zusätzliche Leuchtquelle oder auf einem externen selbstleuchtenden Computer-Display orientieren zu müssen. Dadurch wird ein enormer Zeitvorteil erreicht und eine Eigenaufklärung vermieden. Darüber hinaus werden keine zusätzlichen Eyepieces, Tablets oder Karten zum Navigieren benötigt.

with the XACT NV33 TELEFUNKEN RACOMS offers a modular night vision system modernster technology for the cross- sectional application including cover future requirements.

For the optronic reconnaissance TELEFUNKEN RACOMS offers systems in spectral regions that provide a very high resolution and range, as well as full connectivity excellent reconnaissance results at the tactical, operational and strategic level and contribute to information dominance in the digital battlefield.

CONNECTING. YOUR. MISSION. - this is what TELEFUNKEN RACOMSModernste und einsatzerprobte Nachtsichttechnologie für die Bundeswehr TELEFUNKEN Radio Communication Systems GmbH & Co. KG
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