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The Federal Office for equipment, information technology and use of the Bundeswehr (BAAINBw) has on 18 October 2019 the European tendering platform TED the beginning of the participation competition for "Tactical airborne capable Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV-LL)" released.

The proposed purchase includes a frame agreement with a period of 7 years on the preparation and delivery of a maximum of 148 hochgelände- and airborne enabled unprotected, 4-seater emergency vehicles LL-UTV besides kit for receiving an ancillary action grenade launchers and other onboard equipment, special tool sets, Ersatzteilerstbedarf and documentation for each Vehicle. The minimum purchase in the first lot of 65 vehicles, the rest are optional. When active grenade launchers is the system Rheinmetall Defense ROSY.

Part of the contract is also the training of personnel on the user side in the area of ​​operation and maintenance. Expressions of interest must be submitted by November 19th.

The supplier must prove among other things that he can produce at least 40 UTV per year and provide a "proof of delivery of at least a comparable vehicle to police forces or armies within the last 5 years".

The vehicle

The tender is also requires that the candidate dealer or authorized repair shop or in another form certified by the Polaris Defense Inc.. This leaves only the conclusion that it is in the tender - although this is not so directly in public documents - is a Polaris MRZR-D4. The D stands for diesel.

Polaris MRZR-D4 (Video: Polaris)

The Polaris MRZR-D4 has a 4-stroke SOHC three-cylinder turbo diesel with 933 cc displacement and about 60 horsepower, with either two or four wheel drive (switchable). The dimensions are (L / B / H) 355 x 151 x 187 cm. The roll bar is foldable and the height can be so reduced. The vehicle has a curb weight of approximately 952.54 kg and can take depending on the configuration between four and six soldiers and has a payload of 680.4 kg and a towing capacity of 680 kg dynamic. Alone the rear Stauraumbox (82 x 124.5 x 51.8 cm) can hold up to about 226.8 kg.

Since 2013 has the USSOCOM under the Light Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle program MRZRs in use. The Polaris MRZR there is optionally a two-or four-seater (MRZR MRZR 2 and 4) are each in the gasoline or diesel variations. According to the Polaris turbo diesel engine variant has an up to 80 percent better range than the petrol variant.

Bundeswehr schreibt Taktisches luftlandefähiges Utility Terrain Vehicle aus

The MRZR vehicle family can be adapted to different application scenarios. Features include a high charge capacity, electronic power steering, winches, roll bar, air transport lashing eyes, transport boxes or blackout light. MRZRs are already in more than 20 countries in the fleet - in Germany 9 of the Federal Police for example in the GSG.

Polaris MRZR as H145M Ground Support Vehicle

At the 7th Symposium KSK Armor - September 2019 - Airbus Helicopters demonstrated the Polaris MRZR as H145M Ground Support Vehicle (GSV).

Bundeswehr schreibt Taktisches luftlandefähiges Utility Terrain Vehicle aus
At the 7th Symposium KSK Armor Airbus Helicopters demonstrated the H145M Ground Support Vehicle on MRZR basis. (Photo: Weisswange Jan-P.)

Supported by the ground support H145M Vehicle (GSV) the technician attached to the machine landed within less than 30 minutes brackets and Waffenpods and a sensor system. The GSV is based on the proven Polaris MRZR and can be either with a forklift or a small lift crane on the vehicle front equip. It is also equipped with a 28V-ground power unit, and may result due to its towing device and clutch systems equipment on the airfield.


The Rheinmetall Rosy_L (country) system is a 40 mm quick-fog system. It offers protection against unexpected attacks vehicles in exploration or convoys. Unlike conventional fog protection systems Rosy_L produced next to the spontaneous, large-scale and multi-spectral line-break and dynamic smoke screens and thus protects propelled objects persistent. By IR jamming and decoying effects all TV, EO, IR, IIR, LASER and semi-automatic command to line of sight-guided weapons can be effectively blinded. Rosy_L comprises a base system with control unit and one to four rosy-thrower per vehicle. By means of a "One-click Adapter" can be dismantled quickly without tools mounted on the vehicle or Verladezwecken the system.

Operating principle Rosy (Video: Rheinmetall)

The new modular version Rosy_Mod is designed specifically for small weapons stations and light vehicles. Rosy_Mod is integrated directly into the vehicle without launchers, and is difficult to detect.

André Forkert and Jan Phillipp Weisswange