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Raytheon Company and Rheinmetall Defense have the joint venture, Raytheon, Rheinmetall Land Systems LLC founded to offer to the Lynx armored personnel for the announced by the US Army competition for OPTIONALLY Manned Fighting Vehicle (OMFV).

The OMFV will in 2026 replace the Bradley Fighting Vehicle. The new vehicle is optimized for fighting in built-up areas and on open ground. The US Army leads the project with the support of the futures and Command has assigned the highest OMFV modernization priority.

Since 2018, the two companies are working together to offer the Lynx in OMFV competition. The Lynx is an armored combat vehicle of the next generation, which was designed to meet the critical challenges of the future battlefield. Lynx has sufficient capacity to support growth of new technologies over the life of the vehicle and is characterized by lower life cycle costs.

The Raytheon technologies intended for Lynx include the modern weapons of the company, such as the TOW missile, the Active Protection System, the third generation day / night vision systems, unmanned aerial system Coyote and cyber protection.

Raytheon-Rheinmetall Joint Venture für OMFV

The Lynx team has to give up his offer on October 1 of 2019.

Gerhard Heiming