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On September 17, near Frankfurt, the Authority Day 2019 CSC European Defense Business Management GmbH took place. The focus of the event was the capability requirements of special forces and especially of amphibious forces.

In addition to product presentations all handguns by company CZ sample could be shot as in neighboring Hitpoint shooting movies. There also ballistic plates, a new helmet and ballistic goggles from different manufacturers were fired for demonstration purposes. Many products were celebrating here (Europe) Release.

CSC planned to introduce its premium brands in the portfolio as well as new brands in the portfolio directly to the official end-users with the event. Users in the field of special forces and the buyer - especially the police - accepted the invitation.

hand weapons

The Czech weapons producer CZUB (Česká zbrojovka as Uhersky Brod), known in Germany especially in sports by the guns of the CZ 75 series, has since 2011 expanded its product range with public authorities, both in the short and long arms segment. becomes the agent for CZUB on the official market in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the CSC Arms Division GmbH. 2017 CZ led to the P-10 family gun for the first time a polymer striker assembly pistol.

There are currently four models of the P-10 series:

  • P-10 F (run-length 114 mm, 19 cartridges, 800 gr.)
  • P-10 SC (run-length 114 mm, 15 cartridges, 780 gr.)
  • P-10 C (run-length 102 mm, 15 cartridges, 740 gr.)
  • P-10 S (run-length 90 mm, 12 cartridges, 710 gr.)

The P-10 has a firing pin safety in 90 ° to the firing axis, a luminescent steel sights, an integrated mounting rail according to Mil-Std 1913 and an adjustable back strap. Two steel magazines with optional magazine bottom, which increases the magazine capacity by two additional cartridges are standard included.

The P-10C (center) was shot on location in a Optics Ready variant. (Photo: André Forkert)

Since there remain major regulatory demand for single-action / double action (SA / DA) are guns, CZ has two current models in the portfolio as well. With the P-09 (run-length 115 mm, 19 cartridges, 860 gr.) And the shorter P-07 (run-length 95 mm, 15 cartridges, 780 gr.) Has CZ two robust service weapons with external tap and release lever in the portfolio. It is worth mentioning that the P-10 family and the P-09 / P-07 using the same steel Magazine.

All guns were on site in caliber 9 × 19 NATO. The P7 and P9 are also available in other calibers. During the test firing, the participants from the simple and intuitive handling, could convince the good fit in the hand and the accuracy. All shooters were satisfied to enthusiastic about the weapons.


The current clothing concept Lost Arrow Project of the renowned outdoor outfitter Patagonia is based on the now 15-year collaboration with the USSOCOM. For 14 years, Patagonia components provides for this and has eight years of the decorators for six of the nine layers (layers of clothing from underwear through the battle dress up for protection against cold for extreme climatic conditions) of the SPEAR program. In order to also regulatory customers outside the SPEAR program now (Delta, Seals, Rangers, MARSOC) supply, the Lost Arrow Project has been launched. Currently new users include Scandinavian units and the special forces of the Netherlands.

The basis of this product line offers a new substance that is used in each product. Focus is on the designated colloquially as "breathable" Air permeability Technology - the support remains warm and dry, perspiration and excessive body heat is conveyed to the outside. All materials and garments used are FR (fire resistant - no melt no drop) and near infrared (IR signature Reducing).

When Lost Arrow Concept is a system with two orientations, one for static use and one for the tactical use on the move. Differences arise then in the material, pack size, noise, etc. Thus, the tactical use an even lighter hollow fiber and the exterior materials are specially woven so (Nano Air) that they allow an increased and controlled air flow. The static variant, however, is coated with a pressed-in and wash-resistant natural rubber. As already mentioned, the "Air" materials also significantly quieter in motion.

In addition to thermal insulation and wind breakers there is also a hardshell equipment. This is provided in the region of the carrier plate with a nano-coated 4-way stretch, so that the welding can escape to the outside. All other areas have a flexible and waterproof hard shell proportion as the outer skin. When the membrane used is a new development of Patagonia, this is very quiet and flexible. All Shares of the concept are foldable or rollable and can thus be stowed with extremely small and compact dimensions. Often an inside pocket or the hood as a stuff sack.

More clothing supplier shown were Armadillo Merino and Beyond (uniforms for the regular troops). Armadillo Merino offers the base layer, which lies directly on the skin and is made of Merino wool. Thanks to the properties of merino wool will not melt, drip or catch fire, it does not smell, is soft and comfortable. And it keeps the user warm in the cold and cool when it's hot.


New to the portfolio of CSC is the US shoe brand LALO. And the Americans doing the collection, which is supposed to celebrate only on the Shot Show 2020 premiere. Also LALO has specialized in the needs of soldiers in amphibious operations. It has two lines BUD / S sports shoes and tactical footwear. The latter was originally developed with and for the US Navy Seals. Today, product development is always in close cooperation with end users. Many boots have a built-in clip for attaching the fins. They are also designed for a fast discharge of water and the removal of the foot moisture out. For all scenarios and climatic zones there are corresponding variations.

The "KPU Grill" at LALO Shadow Intruder protects the sides of feet from knocks and works like a car radiator for temperature reduction. (Photo: André Forkert)

Much importance is attached to the sole structure. The sole protects and supports the user in his locomotion. Thanks to the design of it is to have so between 20 and 35% less effort. Simply put, there is a sole made of two components. In the back of it is greatly attenuated, the front is flexible supportive. All shoes have many water flows, foreign materials are also permeable to water, they do not use membrane (except the winter boots) and all soles are puncture-safe and extremely quiet. The amphibious outsole is made with DuPont materials and provides a secure grip even when wet or hot environments. It is also resistant to salt water.

LALO attaches great importance to weight reduction. This is to illustrate a simple calculation According to the manufacturer: a weight difference of 28 gr - for example in the area of ​​the sole - the user an additional load of 25 kg per mile means.! Every gram less means the Trooper is on site at fitter, more rested and faster. The heel is about 8 mm higher than the toes, it provides additional support for the movement and protection and relief of the spine.

The "KPU Grill" at LALO Shadow Intruder protects the sides of feet from knocks and works like a car radiator for temperature reduction. It also ensures a better hold of the flippers. New members of combat boots are the Shadow Jungle Combat Boot (JCB) and the BUD / S Hydron Recon Jungle boat made of neoprene. All properties of LALO shoes are geared to the wet element.

Protective equipment

World premiere the prototype of a (police) helmet from a new metal alloy. Reason is the manufacturer of the demand for police helmets made of metal. CSC has addressed this requirement and developed a new alloy together with a renowned metal producers. The preparation of the helmet takes place in the drawing method, after pressing, the blank is carried out on the Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) form. There will be the helmet in the high-, mid- and full-cut version. The new material should provide a significant weight reduction according to the manufacturer, the service weight should be at 1.4 to 1.6 kg at the end, the trauma value from 3 to 4 mm. The construction is without any screws and inside pads are used, which transfer energy according to the supplier. For the Shot Show 2020, the helmet should be ready and certified, soon find the tests in Mellrichstadt instead. The alloy patent is CSC.

The prototype of the new CSC metal helmet after bombardment of 10 meters with a 9 x 19 mm. (Photo: André Forkert)

To make even from words to action, the shell of a prototype was shot with 9 mm on site.

was also shot at a very light ballistic protective plate (6 VPAM TL). Here are the 9 mm caliber, .223 and 7.62 × 39 mm were used. Even a multi-hit did not produce any significant deformation.

2.4mm scrap ballistic goggles from two manufacturers were fired. From the result (Smith Aegis echo and another renowned US manufacturer) you can convince yourself in the pictures themselves. CSC is a distribution partner of Smith and the glasses of this manufacturer are parallax-free even in the outermost regions. Smith is used inter alia in the SAS and SBS in the UK.

Tactical gear for amphibious special forces

S & S Precision specializes in the needs of the Navy Seals. Besides plate supports also Navboards, lighting systems and equipment and weapons shots were on site and a flotation collar (LiftR) is shown. The Navboards primarily serve fixation of GPS, compasses, altimeters and nowadays smartphones during skydiving use. The Brazil secured the Navboard on chest strap and so has all the ads always in view and operate.

Really new are the Plate Frame Modular (PFM) drive carrier. These are extremely lightweight (1.25 to 1.75 kg), very limited modular and only the most necessary. The total weight is supported by a novel and movable Kummer stained on the hips and not on the shoulders. The material does not absorb moisture, and is therefore not difficult in amphibious operations. PFM was first shown in January 2019 the Shot Show and each frame is individually adjusted its users and the plates used in the unit. So are various frame shapes and sorrow stained in several lengths to choose from.

The users include the Navy Seals, the Navy Special Warfare Command (NSW) or the US Air Force Rescue Squadrons. Also Scandinavian units and the Netherlands have already procured the PFM.

Novel tourniquet

An innovative and novel tourniquet of RATS Medical celebrated its European premiere. In the US, it has been five years in the market, since the beginning of September, he is also certified in Europe. The Rapid Application Tourniquet System (RATS) is the fastest tourniquet on the market and is used to stop massive bleeding due to trauma. The RATS uses a fixed, elastic core made of solid vulcanized rubber core with a polyester jacket, combined with a proprietary locking mechanism to generate an incredibly fast tourniquet to themselves or others. Even one-handed operation is possible. The generation shown here two of the tourniquet is much longer than its predecessor, the length enough to circle three times and thick thighs.

The tourniquet of RATS Medical is extremely quick and easy to apply, even under stress conditions. (Photo: André Forkert)

At first it looks complicated, but after one or two plants, the handles have burned in the brain, it is easy to learn and use. It has only a minimal space requirements, and is suitable for all body sizes, ie adults, but also children or use dogs available. The US Army Institute of Surgical Research has demonstrated the effectiveness of the closure of the blood flow in both the top and the bottom of the extremities.

Navigation & Emergency

Garmin showed a complete line of new products, including the Instint Tactical watch series, the Fenix ​​6 o'clock (for the civilian market), the InReach Mini and the GPSMAP 66i.

The Garmin Instinct Tactical is the military version of the Instinct outdoor SmartWatch. As a function of differences in the civil variant there is the stealth mode (stealth mode) to disable Bluetooth connections and hide GPS position (save & share), the night vision mode for use with night vision equipment and the Jump Master application for parachute jump operations (HAHO, HALO, Static) , Otherwise, the Instinct Tactical is the standard version, this, among other things includes an altimeter, barometer, compass, navigation, etc. The InReach Mini is a global satellite communications device in pocket size (5.17 x 9.9 x 2.61 cm, 100 gr. ). It is a robust satellite communications device for two-way SMS messaging via the Iridium provider. Thus interactive emergency SOS emergency calls (texts only) are sent to a busy round the clock emergency monitoring center. With the text, the position is also transmitted to the same. The device can guarantee a response as well as a shipping confirmation. Also, an access to downloadable maps, aerial photographs possible in color etc. with the Garmin Earthmate app and compatible devices. The device is protected IPX7, in the 10-minute tracking mode ranges of the built-in lithium-ion battery for up to 90 hours of run time.

The Garmin GPSMAP 66i. (Photo: Garmin)

The GPSMAP 66i is practically a combination of the GPSMAP 64SC navigation device and the InReach Mini. Thus, it offers the emergency call features provide a fully-fledged navigation option. the Active Weather option (weather radar) can be integrated via a corresponding app and a connected smartphone. The device is available since June 2019 and also protected IPX7. Interesting is the tracking option, can be sent hourly to a preset recipient preset messages, or the current position, regardless of whether the user is currently moving to the air, land or sea. There are several receivers set to be informed about cell phone numbers or email. The GPSMAP 66i can be combined with the Garmin Tactix Charlie and is also equipped with a night vision mode. Here, too, there is the possibility the geographical data (track, etc.) can not be read - for example to loss or capture.

A 7.6 cm LCD viewer any information or pre-installed cards can be read. According to the manufacturer, the battery life is (Lithium battery) up to a week: 200 hours in expedition mode with 30-minute intervals and tracking up to 35 hours of battery life with 10 minutes tracking.

André Forkert