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The BWI will equip the armed forces to the end of the year with approximately 6,000 mobile devices that allow "for internal use only" (RESTRICTED) is a mobile voice and data communications to the level of secrecy. Since the summer of this year, the CPI introduces the new features within its "Enterprise Mobile Management System". For further expansion of the BWI has signed on 10 October 2019 Secusmart a framework agreement.

Dr. Christoph Erdmann, managing Secusmart; Martin Kaloudis, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) BWI (from left) (Photo: BWI)

Up to 15,000 tap-proof smartphones and tablets, the BWI roll out in the coming year in the armed forces and operate. The devices are based on the safety-relevant mobile platform, "Knox" of the manufacturer Samsung. In addition, the smartphones and tablets come with various hardened Apps and a "Secure Smart Card" that allows the encrypted transfer of data and voice. The solution is the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for the classification level RESTRICTED admitted.

In addition to the provision, use and operation of mobile devices for transmission of data and voice up to RESTRICTED and the integration into the IT system of the Bundeswehr, the service allows Unified Endpoint Management, which is a unified management of equipment for all operating systems.

Last year, the BWI and Defense Force has been equipped with over 18,000 new, centrally managed smartphones and tablets for open communication. With the launch in July rollout of the new encrypted devices, BWI, the IT system house and digitization partner of the Bundeswehr expanded its offerings for the German armed forces and expanding its service "Enterprise Mobile Management System".

Gerhard Heiming